Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Reminder on coyrighted material

Hello Doug,

Recently it seems that there is an increase in posting whole articles from newspapers and other sources that own the copyright on the material being posted. This has been an issue
in more widely-read blogs (dailykos.com, for example), and posters there are reminded to excerpt a minor part of copyrighted articles and supply web pointers to the articles themselves--even if they require a free or non-free registration to read at the original source.

In your early-blog days this might not have been so important. However, your blog is now more widely read (NYT article this weekend must have been a major boost), so I think you should remind your posters, by a post and by inclusion in posting guidelines, that copyrighted material cannot be copied entirely into blog postings. Let's keep you out of nuisance situations.

[Thanks for the reminder, poster. --Doug]

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