Friday, May 27, 2005

Regents vote to make a bid for Los Alamos

Regents vote to make a bid for Los Alamos
Northrop Grumman drops out, leaving field to UC and Texas

Keay Davidson, Chronicle Science Writer

Friday, May 27, 2005

The University of California Regents voted 11-1 Thursday to join the competition for the next contract to run Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, the nation's first atomic weapons lab.

"We're off and running!" S. Robert Foley, UC's vice president of laboratory administration, told The Chronicle after the midday vote at the regents meeting at UCSF's Laurel Heights campus.


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"We're off and running!" S. Robert Foley

Bob, BOB!

It is hard to run on your knees and that's where you and Pete put us
Read my lips, Bob: "No!"
Don't know how true but we have heard gossip that there was an accident today at DX-2. Any one heard what happened?
Heard there was an explosion that injured a post-doc and a student. Both were taken to the hospital and blood was all over the scene.
Maybe Foley said, "We're off and ruining Los Alamos." That's more like it. You know, I believe that if Dynes were to apologize for the errors and mistakes made in the past two years by his management team and say that fair and equitible remedies would be promptly forthcoming, the UC would get nearly 100% backing from the staff. With the Nanos' abusive legacy still hanging over many at this institution anything the UC does will not resonate with a lot of folks here.
Yes the accident was around 11:30 am at TA-9, it involved an exploding beaker or flask and the student was cut severely on the arm requiring stitches and the other person had numerous glass cuts. I hope they had the appropriate PPE on. I expect to see it on CNN tonight. If DOE wants to pull the contract here is the rope.
Put a fork in us. We are done.
Nanos leaves and see what happens. However, under LM we will never hear about this. 10 people die, who will know? lose a disk, who will know?
Yeah with LM things will so much better. Well at least it will not be on the news.
I disagree. We're not done. As I recall, someone injured themselves significnatly preparing for the hydro this spring, and we weren't "done". Nanos was director then, and apparently his heaping piles of paper, predictably, didn't prevent the injury.

Nanos' piles of paper are still in effect, and still are not preventing injuries. Duh. Paper doesn't 'make' people safe.

What enables people to be safe is empowering those who do the work, but the first line is and always should be engineered controls. LANL in my experience over 15 years has resisted engineered controls in favor of administrative paper-based controls, which are the weakest safety system possible.

Engineered controls take time, money and planning, but they enable people work safely with much less room for error, omission and misjudgement.

But since our crumbling infrastructure, brought on by 60+ years of neglect by UC 'management' is just at the barest beginnings of being replaced, we can count on many more safety problems no matter how much paper is piled up on a worker.
Come on colleagues, let's stick with facts. LM's alleged record of unreported phantom mishaps is just that--a phantom misrepresentation completely fabricated by aagenda-driven persons more gifted in creating baseless rumors and gossip than researching and reporting facts. Please know that DOE/NNSA oversight is just as omnipresent at Sandia as it is in Los Alamos. For an institution that prides itself on great science, a few of us apparently need to review the scientific method in dealing with the unknown or admit that we are employees of LANL/CER public affairs.
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