Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Reference request

Any chance someone can find a copy of this to add to the discussion mix? I've contacted the Atlantic to get it posted to subscribers, but no luck yet, My hard copy is in deep storage.


Authors:Crease, Robert P.
Samios, Nicholas P.
Source:Atlantic Monthly; Jan91, Vol. 267 Issue 1, p80, 8p
Document Type:Article
Subject Terms:*RESEARCH
Geographic Terms:UNITED States
NAICS/Industry Codes:5417 Scientific Research and Development Services
Abstract:Focuses on basic science research in the United States. Missions of applied and basic research; Cultural impact of scientific research; Aim of science management; Origin of administrative contracts in the United States.
Accession Number:9441117

I got a copy of this article at the Mesa Public Library. Very interesting article.
Check out the page above this one:
Try again - word wrap truncated it:
http://www.geocities.com/ cherzenberg/ national_laboratories.html

You'll have to edit out the extra spaces in the URL.
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