Saturday, May 14, 2005

Purpose of the Daily Newsbulletin and Reader's Forum

From the May 6 LANL NewsBulletin:

May 6, 2005

Purpose of the Daily Newsbulletin and Reader's Forum

I have a question: What is the purpose of the Daily Newsbulletin and Reader's Forum?

The stated purpose for the Reader's Forum on your Web page is "The Letters to the Editor section of the Readers' Forum is designed to encourage constructive dialogue among University of California Laboratory employees and retirees. It is a mechanism for conducting reasonable discourse based on fact or informed opinion." Regarding the Daily Newsbulletin, I would propose that it be something to the effect of providing a reliable source of news of interest to the employees of Los Alamos National Laboratory. In the case of the Reader's Forum, I would submit that this purpose has not been achieved in recent times. My proposed purpose for the Daily Newsbulletin has not been met in recent months.

My question is prompted by an observation that the Daily Newsbulletin has ceased to be a reliable or timely source of news regarding the Laboratory. The recent article about a Blog's impact on the Laboratory,, is a sterling example. The Reader's Forum does not provide any reasonable dialogue on the issues most pressing to the Laboratory and its employees. The phenomenon of the Blog, LANL the Real Story (, is a direct consequence. When employees are not given the opportunity to read the news in a timely fashion or discuss issues internally, these functions went outside the Laboratory.

--William (Bill) Rider

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