Thursday, May 12, 2005

Posting moratorium

I have received several requests to re-think the moratorium on posts, and so I will make a few exceptions regarding important news. The following article(s) will be for that purpose.


Thank you Doug for your sensitivies to Todd's family. Please know that us average working Joes and Janes appreciate you very much. I do wonder how many more deaths there will be before this is over - stress (presumably Todd's case) or suicide (like Tony Andrade).
This is a first time I hear about Tony committing suicide. Is this true? is true.
Yes Doug, I agree you did right by calling for the moratorium and I repsect that..... but the shit goes on and nothing will change with Kuckuck
My information is that Tony's death was also related to LANL work/stress issues.What a tragedy to lose this father of four, devoted husband and outstanding Hispanic physicist!
Doug, I too appreciate your sensitivity in this matter, and the fine line you are walking between showing respect and yet getting vital information out. You are doing an outstanding job with this blog.
The day Tony died, the world lost a beautiful person and I lost a wonderful friend. I know that heaven is a much better place with Todd and Tony.
I used to be a neighbor of Tony's, a long time ago, and while I didn't know him well, I always find it tragic when someone chooses a permanent solution to what is almost always a temporary problem. I had heard that he'd committed suicide...can anyone confirm (without violating any confidences or otherwise causing unnecessary grief to his family, of course) that this action was a consequence of the standdown and/or other conditions at LANL?
Quiet permeates the Blog
Friday 13
I am heartened to see that the blog has remained nearly completely silent even after the moratorium was lifted. It was a good move to put the moratorium on and it is a good sign that there is this "lull", I like to believe it is both respect for Todd and Tony (and others) and their families as well as a moment of quiet reflection.

I was not able to attend Todd's memorial as I was in Missouri at the funeral of an old friend.

I felt a lot of rightuous anger over Todd's death as I know many of us have suffered health problems as a result of the huge stress caused by the shutdown, and Todd would have been in the most stressful of situations as a result of all that happened.

I still remember the accidents on NM 502 during the first few days of the shutdown and was concerned about such cascading effects.

I look forward to this blog restarting itself with a more sober (not dour) mood. I respect the many opinions and feelings and facts that have been shared here, but I for one am ready to get on with trying to help ourselves out of this hole, no matter who all helped to put us there.

Director Kuckuck is probably not the right person for the job in the long run, but anyone in this position will be a lame duck by definition. I want to believe that UC (and DOE) chose him for much more positive and overt reasons than perhaps they chose (and supported) Nanos.

I cannot prove it, but I believe that UC and DOE and some of Congress will try to do right by LANL and it's employees to some extent as we move through this. That is not to say they have not betrayed our trust in the past nor that if push comes to shove that we will get the short, sharp, nasty end of the stick again, only that I believe that they have done their worst and that they need very much to look like they are trying to make things right. Even if they can't admit anything was ever wrong.

There is a chance that UC/Bechtel can win this, even that it is wired for them. That will disappoint some mightily, other s will be relieved. If LockMartUT or NortGrum get the contract, I can hope that UC/DOE will give those of us facing loss of vacation / sick / retirement some reasonable options, some time to make reasonable decisions. No guarantees on that, but some confidence that they might be more polite than my worst fears suggest.

I do not want to abandon LANL and the people who remain here. I want to find ways to pull together with the folks that are unable or unwilling to leave and see if we can rebuild out of the ashes as we had to after the literal fire we endured.

I don't think we can afford to be pollyanna nor can we afford to be chicken little. The stakes are too high and the options are too thin to squander much more on self-indulgence.

I don't mean that critically, I've ranted and raved and beaten my chest with the best of you here... I just feel like I am ready to seek a calm, powerful place to move forward from. I hope I am not alone.
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