Friday, May 06, 2005

Phase, 2: Damage Control

Step 1 has been accomplished, Director Nanos has resigned. Step two is now ahead of us: we must start performing damage control on what is left of LANL. I suggest that we begin by addressing the the items listed in the "Running list of wasteful activities at LANL". Much thought has gone into producing this list of all that is badly dysfunctional at LANL, and therefore it provides one starting point for us to collectively begin to repair that which is broken. If the new director decides to pitch in and help, so much the better.

In the coming days the focus of this blog will be reoriented towards a longer term set of goals. The time to review past mistakes, judgment errors and injustices, while not completely behind us, is now of secondary interest. At this point we need to regroup, and begin to plan our path forward. It is my intent to help focus the users of this blog towards that productive end.


Doug good try but you are still giving yourself too much credit and self-adulation (must have the light-head celebration hanging around). The lab community needs to get beyond the self-congratulation and move forward as you suggest. However it needs to do more than damage control, it needs to become proactive and productive across the board (TSM, TEC, SSM, OS/GS, technical and support) working together with respect and honesty. I hope some of those self-righteous better than thou TSMs show respect to all the other lab employees, lest they emulate the Nanos approach to others. We need to identify inefficiencies and makework, define appropriate mechanisms to ensure safe, secure, etc. compliance while maximizing our ability to conduct science and mission. This will take input from all, the "I'm to busy TSMs" need to engage otherwise we risk having less knowledge staff trying to define mechanisms that are inappropriate (like PS and PM divs.)
We certainly need to move forward and patch what remains broken. This need includes those who were and remain victims of Nanos' legacy of tyranny. We need to encourage the new UC leadership to get this particular mending accomplished as a priority or else we will be celebrating by dancing on the professional graves of our still hurting co-workers. That taken care of, we need to remain vigilant as we move toward the end of our current contract in October remembering that Nanos was not a conspiracy of one.

Obviously, this blog can be an invaluable source of information that will help assist Los Alamos employees with decisions they will be required to make as together we move toward that endpoint. Hopefully the UC and NNSA will be more forth coming with information than they have been in the past but we must rely on something more than mere hope.

Finally, we have survived but not yet overcome. The process of reconstruction as you indicated can start with the lists on which we have enumerated those items requiring prompt remedial action. First on that list is the fact that we must begin with the reconstruction of own spirits, hearts and minds. Celebrate our victory for sure but we need to reflect as well.
Boy, are you full of yourself, Roberts. Tsk, tsk, tsk.
There is a new, temporary place holder director until the new contractor takes over. So what? The serious problems that the previous director tried to correct still exist. You might want to finish the job Pete started as the first order of business.
To 6:35, and 7:50:

My intent is to change the nature of the blog away from the whining, complaining character it is sometimes known for and to get it more productively focused on rebuilding the lab. I guess it could sound like I'm full of myself for suggesting this, but hey, I started this blog and now I want it to change its focus. Anything you two (who clearly are not full of yourselves) can do to help will be appreciated.

You people quit beating up on Doug! I don't know Doug, but he has put in a lot of work to provide a forum for information (and opinions). Think about what you would know about this whole mess if you relied on the media and our fabulous Newsbulletin and Reader's Forum...go ahead, think for a moment what grand volume of information we would know if we had only those sources...nada, nothing, squat! In my 50+ years I think that (because of this mess we are going through) I am just now beginning to truly understand the power and importance of freedom of speech! What a great country we live in!
Doug- I applaud your new direction. The mud that was flying around glibly is sticking to all of us in the eyes of the world. As has been stated here several times, LANL employees are valuable and work hard- but we must now prove this by solving our cost/prima donna issues.

Posters- Doug brought you this open forum, about half of you used it constructively. To the rest of you:

1. This is not the place to air your racism, genderism, hatred of certain religions, or politics.
2. Do NOT post other people's personal info here ( phone numbers, salary, SSN numbers, etc.)
3. Bad language does not prove your point or your intelligence.
4. A running list of who should be fired??? (Who are you to decide something of this gravity with a post on a blog?)
5. Doug should sensor this chat MORE than he has- It is not your first amendment right to post trash here. It is your first amendment right to make your own blog where ever you want.....
6. And to those of you ready to turn your pit bull teeth on the new UC LANL director before you have even seen him- you have problems that won't be solved here.

Hear! Hear!
What is a "standdown"? I'm a non-military C-student from academia.
"What is a stand down?" It is more properly termed a shut down in this case. All work at the lab was stopped until constantly changing and ill-defined review processes were completed. Massive (and growing) "support" divisions, driven by vindictive upper managers, were empowered to make it extremely difficult to resume national security work for this country. Some work was shut down for over 7 months. Most staff here just want to do this important work in a safe, secure, professional manner.
My understanding is that some DX Division work is still stood down!
Yes, some DX Division work is still shut down.
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