Monday, May 16, 2005

One good thing

From Anonymous:

That self-promotional section called the "Director's Notebook" is no longer on the NewsBulletin's front page. That can't be a bad sign.

How quaint! The Director's Notebook is missing. Was it reported lost this time (just kidding of course)? Who cares for GPN, Jr, has left the building.
What about TELL PETE? Does it
still exist?
tellpete is just a black hole, the organization equivalent of /dev/null. It never mattered before and therefore is irrelevant.
Tellpete is still there. Anybody have any fond rememberences that they would like to pass on to him?
That's not true. It served as a source of input that Nanos could make fun of in all-hands meetings. "These people just don't get it!"
Just to be clear, the "That's not true" in my post above was referring to the "tellpete is irrelevant" post.
TellPete went to the Ombuds office where -- at least for a while, it was compiled into categories of problems - safety, discrimination, etc. etc. The results were theoretically, at least, given to Pete. So now you have 2 black holes. The Ombuds office and Nanos's office. I think Nanos paid attention to this stuff at first, but then he either showed his true colors,
according to some, or lost it, according to to others, or both. Anyhow he's gone.
The ombuds office spends a lot of time doing nothing except informing management who goes there and why. Believe me, I have caught them in this too often to think it is accidental.
Also, the ombudsman will testify in court on behalf of LANL about anything you told him, but he will say whatever helps the lab's case.
Beware of the ombuds office. It is still with us!
An ombuds office is essentially a risk management office, often advising employees on ways to mitigate their problems on a local, lower level rather than escalating issues upward. Risk management's function is to protect the organization from exposure to risk. Period. It is more cost-effective to resolve any issues within the organization as quickly (and often quietly) as possible rather than have the issues result in public records through litigation or publicity through external complaint resolution agencies. Hence, it makes sense to have an attorney or two on staff, i.e. - Bruce McAllister & John Armijo.

From the bios or descriptions ( search using their names and the word "attorney" or "counsel"), it appears that the intent of an ombuds office is also have a very savvy team watching out for the legal possibilities of any risk which may arise.
Bruce McAllister was moved to a higher level by Nanos and no longer in Ombuds office.
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