Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Oddly, they don't mention avoiding the new parking garages

From Anonymous:

To someone who thinks of Los Alamos as an experimental facility, it may seem reasonable to require that everyone have electrical safety training. However, there are also a great many theorists and computational scientists here. We do nothing more electrical than turning our office lights and computers on and off, using the microwave at lunch, and answering the phone. The microwaves are duly posted with warnings about the dangers of over-heating water.

The people who need electrical training already have it as part of their training plans. On the other hand, our training plans already include instructions on what to do in a lightning storm, an earthquake, etc. Oddly, they don't mention avoiding the new parking garages - which are apparently unsafe in winter, due to lack of snow and ice removal, and unsafe in spring, summer, and fall, due to lack of lightning mitigation. We had a dandy lightning storm this afternoon, and, being safety conscious, I worried that someone might have been foolish enough to have parked on the top floor of the parking garage. Well, I suppose it's just being consistent that we should have training on not sticking forks into electrical outlets or driving fork-lifts into power lines or other things that have nothing to do with the actual jobs of much of the workforce.

In short, obviously some people need electrical training, but having EVERYONE attend two hours of electrical safety training is a waste of time and dollars. It may be well intended, but it's heavy handed and not very effective. Better to take that money and fix the parking garages.

and don't forget to FINISH THE CONTRACTOR CONVERSION PROGRAM which got dumped in the middle of the Nanos fiasco.
I guess if we're lucky, he will inform us that a cup of water goes into a microwave oven cold, and comes out hot because of

e l e c t r i c i t y.
The post is correct. LANL is NOT the US Navy where one size fits all. The only electrical safety training that those coners in T-Division need is to avoid tripping over their Fat Phoebes.

Indeed, requiring two hours of an ear beating about electrical safety for ALL employees is yet another sign of waste and abuse on the part of Admiral Butthead. This is all about action in lieu of progress. Remember the Admiral's motto: "The Means Justifies The End!"
For the theorists and the computer scientists.. please remember to thank the fellow theorist in LANSCE who last year decided to work on his computer while it was powered on. Letting the magic smoke out was his lucky break. Or the T division theorist who tried to upgrade the secretaries computer and burnt out the box (although if true.. the lecture they got from PMax would have made them not use computers again.). Or the CCS PhD who decided that waiting for the grounding of a rack was a waste of time and grounded it to hot.

These are some of the stories that various DOE, NNSA, and congressional auditors have gotten in the past. [At least one similar event was found to have occured in 1996, but the scientist said it happened in the last year.] Some of these are probably due to the fact that the various scientists peeved off another scientist at one point and in true LANL passive aggresive mode, something that was hopefully forgotten gets reported as a bigger event.
Let's face it, 08:29. Nanos could hand out gold bars and free lifetime memberships to the the Admiral's Club at today's "safety" meeting, and he would still be the biggest son of a bitch on the face of the planet. He has ruined himself here. It is time for him to go somewhere else and repeat the process.
$2 Billion / 2080 hours * 2 hours = $1.9M

Thats correct.

It will cost about 1/3 that of the new parking structure to have this 2 hour mandatory electrical safety training. This doesn't count the cost of producing it, and having management enforce our 'attendence'.
and there are still no empty spots in the parking lots - perhaps because the parking structure has fewer spots than have been removed?
To find an empty spot in the garage, you must arrive before 8:00am.
I just got back from lunch at Otowi, and the top deck must be about 60% vacant, observing from the (and I'm being generous here) "dining" room.

There were hudreds of free spaces Monday at noon, albeit the first day it was open.

Given what I've observed, I just haven't seen any instances where the deck was full by 8am.
It was interesting that, in the Q&A session, a guy from FM stood up and said that lightning protection on buidings was to protect the buildings, not people. I guess you park on the top decks at your own risk.
I'm betting those tall light poles on the top deck will act like lightening rods. I'd park away from them if I parked up there.
Won't matter where you park on the top deck. If the deck is hit, your modern automotive electronics will likely be toast.
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