Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Numbers

People have asked me how many contributors to the blog are there.

I would like to know as well. The fact is, that of the roughly 6,000 current submissions to the blog (comments + post submissions) the overwhelming majority are fully anonymous by the time I receive them. There truly is no way to know how many distinct individuals have posted to this blog, nor is there any way to get a histogram of posting frequency. When asked by Bill Broad, science journalist for the NYT what my "gut feeling" was regarding the number of distinct posters, I said between 200 and 500. Gary Stradling, for whatever reason, insists that it is between 12 and 20. The truth is nobody knows, nor will they ever. You can look at the variations of individual writing styles and formatting preferences and make your own conclusions, to include that they are all being done by me, if you like. Your estimate will be as good as anybody else's, (except for maybe Kevin and Gary's).


12-20?!? There are at least that many of my close friends posting here!
That just about enumerates my multiple personalities!
Sorry, Gary, a funny nose and moustache do not make up a separate personality.
Hey... stop pulling at my mustache!

That's my *real* nose... quit teasing me!

I'm gonna tell my DAD and she's gonna tell your DAD and your gonna get in troooouuuuble!

Little mister!
Link on the right-side "Current Graph of Hits On This Blog" ... shows some statistics about how/where people visit from (domains, time zones, etc...). Does an admin view of that page provide additional information?
I don't share the curiosity to know how many people post here. Just sitting in meetings with a large number of different people at LANL gives one a clear picture of how ubiquitous the views expressed on the blog are, not because LANL staff are disagreeable, but because the scientific culture is antithetical to the grandstanding and deceit that Nanos traffics in. That Nanos didn't know this outcome from the beginning exposes the myopia inherent in the military culture. When you have captive subordinates, you get lazy about enhancing your management repertory.
Nope. It just lets me change settings like the counter style, color, email address,etc.

Only "12 to 20 people" is simply wishful thinking on Gary's part. For 6000 total posts that would be 300 to 500 posts each. Not even Gary has posted that many!

For those that have signed their name I'd estimate (probably on the high side) on the order of 10 postings each. That would indicate that on the order of 600 different individuals have posted.
Considering the tone of most of the postings - seems like there are about 50 "regulars" vs. 600.
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