Friday, May 06, 2005

News on Nanos Resignation,2668,ALBQ_21236_3757327,00.html,1,5284673.story?coll=la-headlines-nation&ctrack=1&cset=true,2564,ALBQ_19863_3760229,00.html

So, Foley thinks we're thin skinned. What a joke. It never would have come to this if he had done his job in the first place.
Congratulations, people. Have been reading your blog and seeing how unhappy you've been. Now Nanos gets promoted to the Pentagon, but at least he may be out of your hair and you'll get a decent director. I wish you the best.
To 5/6/2005 06:10:54 PM:

I wonder where we would be if it were not for the blog.
Enjoy your weekend of celebration.

The next step is to clearly demonstrate to Congress and the American public that LANL securely handles classified matter, works safely, and does business in a fiscally responsible manner. Nothing else matters.

Time's a wastin'.
That little statement by Foley was a real turnaround, remember when he called LANL "inbred", meaning I hope, "out of touch" rather than the other nasty connotations it conjures up. These guys just continue to amaze me with their scientific analysis.
Gee, it would still be nice if Nanos would apologize for calling us all "cowboys" and "buttheads", now that he really has nothing to lose...I'll still accept it.

I totally concur with Larry Creamer...let's, with apologies to Jeff Foxworthy, get 'er done.

LANL used to be a can-do place, and can be again. But we've got to have management that understands what it takes to be can-do, and lets us do it, and do it right.

It's going to be tough with all the legacy IWDs and other suffocating processes that add little and cost a lot.

We're going to need sensible, thorough business processes that take into account how real people work, and that real people are going to make mistakes. Real systems guide people to make the least mistakes as possible through engineered controls and then have efficient, self-checking and correction built in.

We can do this.
These articles are so superficial. Broad
can't decide if Nanos is an admiral or a general. The Post article quotes Kuckuck saying he will initiate an open-door policy with lab employees and "I'm coming in at a time of stress for these folks," he said. "They are operating under a microscope down there." At least he is willing to be quoted aboutthe problems. There's not much meat in the Albuquerque papers either. Maybe all the reporters are afraid to delve into this story too deeply because they are afraid their articles would sound too much like some of the blog posts!
Foley’s comments are just disastrous. "Thin-skinned"?? The ENTIRE Lab was shut down over an accounting error. The people who worked on issues of national security were put down and humiliated. All this delirium cost the US taxpayer CLOSE TO A BILLION dollars. Those who posted on this blog did so out of frustration and anger, but also out of the feeling of duty, having seen the enormous damages being done to the national security. Why doesn’t Foley get it? It’s quite simple, really.
Foley is following the Nanos tradition of blaming the victims of abuse, rather than the abuser. He should "be resigned" too for his disastrous lack of leadership and comrehension.
OK! We did Nanos, now Foley is the next who must go. It's hard to understand a retired Admiral criticising LANL for being "inbred." Does the Navy EVER hire from the outside? And the NAVY Old Boy network is the strongest in the world. Through this, Foley got us Nanos. Does anybody remember the coverup in the Tailhook incident. Foley is clueless! One good thing about the possibility of Lockmart is that we will be rid of Foley.
Check the link to the New York Times. They think that Nanos was a general. Maybe they thought that his behavior resembled Custer's. Fact is that this is indicative of the competence and diligence of our journalists!
Foley and Brooks (both Navy) must go too. If not, they will eventually re-create the diseaster again.
I doubt the untitled and unamed job at DTRA is "better". It was the only thing they could come up with ... and they have been looking long and hard. I just hope they can keep in isolated from doing more damage to the country.

Goodbye George P.! And please stay away!
Getting "fired" (regardless of how the spinmeisters might be describing the event) and getting a $200K cut in salary and a nondescript office near the purple water fountain in the basement of the Pentagon is not a promotion.
To 5/7/2005 07:25:02 AM:

I can understand why the New York Times was a little confused over the "admiral or general" title. The fact is that Nanos was not acting like either a admiral or a general but more like a despotic dictator of a banana republic.

But that was then. Now the sun has returned to the mesa.
Do not believe for a moment that our former director is going to lower his standard of living even a little bit...
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