Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Motivational garbage

From Anonymous:

Oh, that's just terrific. The LANL home page has a link on it to the "Operational Efficiency" project: https://int.lanl.gov/orgs/oe/index.shtml. That link takes you directly to an invitation to view a Quicktime video of George P Nanos and John Bretzke.

Nice thinking, whoever decided to put this bit of motivational garbage out for us to all see.

Yet another layer of BS. Remember the OE was Bretzke's reward from Nanos for starting the ? "wow I already forgot" office to start things back up after the bogus shutdown.
This crap on the LANL home page at this time is in very poor taste. I would ask, "What were these guys thinking?" except that it is clear that they are not thinking at all!
There are Russians, Germans, and Italians that still bemoan in order the assassination of Joseph Stalin, the suicide of Adolph Hitler, and the hanging of Benito Mussolini. Despots have these hangers-on that cling like slick fat ticks on the carcasses of the mangiest of curs. Why should we be surprised that a few among us miss Nanos the Scapegoater.
Yes, I can already see the great changes that Kuckuck has brought to LANL. Thanks for the Video of Pete!
I saved a copy off to my hard drive. I thought that it might one day be amusing to have a video of a former Navy admiral slowly and patiently explaining to scientists how to do science correctly.
IM moves slowly its wonders to perform. The Los Alamos Homepage resembles downtown Los Alamos--a museum of prior greatness, 1950-era structures, lots of empty space and nothing of immediate interest.

This morning, I saw a robin trying to pluck a worm out of the tuff. It reminded me of the Laboratory, a lot of energy being expended for little in return. Moreover, it went Bob, Bob, Bobbing along. I thought that the robin--syndetically at least--would be an appropriate mascot for Los Alamos National Laboratory as it is now being managed.
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