Monday, May 02, 2005

The misuse of science is such a waste

I'm glad to run across the NY Times article [] about your blog []. I appreciate the links to other discussions about UC-LANL and "culture" that give me a closer perspective than I have had in some time.

I get upset when I hear once again how UC LANL needs "reforming", and along the same lines that failed several times before. The resulting effects damage international security, good science, and most importantly, unnecessarily distresses good people.

Ironically, the administrators of a scientific laboratory will not apply science to analyzing, assessing, and resolving the current laboratory situation.

I'm obviously no good at getting this across to senior management, UC, or DOE. But if a voice from the wilderness (then as now) might be of service to the current discussion, to convey the enormity of the laboratory's situation, please feel free to use them.

The misuse of science is such a waste.


LANL is higher up the food chain than Pantex. We got hammered when the evil Denny Ruddy and BWXT stormed in and took over, with the tacit approval of the equally evil DOE. Loyal employees were routinely suspended or fired without cause, simply to instill a climate of Fear and unquestioning obedience. Denny "Napolean Complex" Ruddy was finally run off and now is terrorizing Y-12. But the pall and culture of failure and fear that he engendered lives on. Incidentally, nearly all the employees Denny fired got attorneys and got their jobs back, including the President of the Union. The new BWXT management (Mike Mallory et al) is trying to repair morale, but the damage Denny Ruddy did is so great and pervasive, it will take several more years. There are many similarities between the current Pistol Pete Nanos Los Alamos experience and the Denny Ruddy Reign of Terror at Pantex. And DOE was in the dark shadows at both locations, cackling with sadistic glee. It is sad that a proud and patriotic work force can be brutalized and abused in a government run organization. Private companies are notorious for their abusive and unfair treatment of employees, but we should hope that government operations would be held to higher standards.
The 'Government' doesn't care about how people are treated.

First and foremost, the politicians we elect to office are concerned with appearing the way they, or more likely their handlers--who we didn't elect--think they should appear.

If they think they need to appear tough on something, like LANL or PANTEX, then they will do whatever they can to appear that way, regardless of the facts or whether it's deserved.

Second, the politicians will do whatever it takes to please those that fill thier pocket book.

You and I as voters are not those people. We elect them, but they serve their big-money donors by accepting expensive dinners, gifts, "fact-finding" (donor-finding) trips to far-away places and in return providing easy access to decision makers, law making, favorable treatment in new laws, taxes and enforcement situations.

It's just not realistic to believe that Government run, or owned, institutions are going to be treated any more fairly or appropriately than privately run or owned institutions.

The motives to be fair or appropriate are just not there in either case.
However, let it be noted:

Senator Bingaman and Congressman Udall consistently supported LANL staff against the ill-advised shutdown engineered and commandeered by Vice Admiral Nanos.

Senator Domenici (formerly known as "St. Pete") at first acquiesced in the abuse of LANL staff, then reluctantly backed off, only to later tell us to "get over it!"

Los Alamos County routinely votes FOR Domenici and AGAINST Udall and Bingaman.

Go figure.
Never fear, Denny Ruddy is on the way. He's tan and rested after a short period of unemployment, he'll whip LANL into shape.
Pantex, Oak Ridge and now Los Alamos the final jewel in his crown.
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