Sunday, May 01, 2005

Management style

From Anonymous:

I am not surprised to hear that Dr. Pete Nanos is having a problem because of his management style. I was a GS-14 female manager in the Strategic Systems Programs (SSP) command of the Department of Navy where Nanos was originally promoted to admiral as Director. At that point of SSP history, the management style had deteriorated to one of exaggerated ego's and extremely bad management. Nanos made his power known and the ranks did not cross his line. Just a word of caution, however. Nanos was just one of many very bad directors and, in the years preceding my retirement, I wished many times that Nanos were still there. My point is that you never know what will come next.

We do indeed worry about what comes next. It seems that the art of management has deteriorated thoughout the country, non just at LANL. Our economy is showing the results of the "ego" style of management as one high level tech here called it.
A downward spiral in almost every natural process to a lower energy state is suggested by physics and seems to be a reality in most management systems. It appears that great managers are replaced by good managers who are replaced by mediocre managers who are replaced by poor managers. However unlike entropy in physics, human management systems do not have to show this trend. We know that former Sandia Director C. Paul Robinson is one of the possible replacements for Director Nanos and he would be a vast improvement. I'm sure that the candidate to be proposed by the University of California would also be an improvement. One of our problems is that for the last 60 years the AEC to ERDA to DOE to NNSA transition is not in a spiral toward the bottom of the well . Because of its management as opposed to the dedicated staff below them, NNSA is plunging straight to the murky bottom.
Poster 6:37.

Please do not use entropy to make point about a nonequilibrium systems. The concept of entropy technically is used for equilbrium systems only. The second law
is not for non-equilbrium systems. Human
orginziations have energy pumped into them.

Of course nonequilibrium systems can
instabilities that lead to bad things.
On Entropy:

Terribly sorry. We shall attempt to avoid making that particular faux pas again in the future.
So, if entropy is only good at equilibrium, and it is maximized there, then how do we distinguish nonequilibrium states from equilibrium ones? It would seem that a nonequilibrium steady state might drive entropy down through the floor, all the way to minus infinity.

Keep Nanos here at Los Alamos, and you can just follow the entropy rising, until you reach that most equilibrium of states -- death.
BTW, I shan't refer to DOE as the Department of Entropy either as that organization is a non-equilibrium system also.

Department of Equilibrium,
but Equilibrium means Death,
so Department of Death? DOD.

Ok I am kidding. But still it does
have some truth to it it. No?
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