Friday, May 06, 2005

Los Alamos has written another chapter in deterrence

From Anonymous:

Hey Doug: I found this under the Diana Heil post "Nanos to Leave Top Job".
It's very telling and I think it deserves its own spot on the Blog.

Several bloggers were concerned that Nanos, like an evil cyborg, would hold grudges and retaliate from Washington. Please know that we in Washington know Nanos already. He fouled up his nest here before he fouled up his nest there. He has no friends here other than his family. Worry not and enjoy your victory. Congratulations on another job well done for the Nation's security. Los Alamos has written another chapter in deterrence.

Thank you for the kind words. We hope he will not be given the opportunity to cause you all any more trouble.
The Director of Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) did not give the DOE National Laboratories work when he was in DARPA and will not as Director of DTRA. It is difficult to see how Nanos could take zero and make it smaller although I wouldn't be surprised if he tries. That said, it is unlikely that he will or can take adverse action against this Laboratory. If he suborns national security for his own vendettas, he'll have more than a blog to worry about.
He already has suborned national security for his own vendettas. That is exactly what happened here.
You are right of course. That is exactly what he did here although one would not deduce that from the faux accolades emanating from his leaving. However, in Washington as opposed to our remote location, getting away with the actions the director committed almost daily here will put him in the klieg lights immediately there. The Washington Post is not the Los Alamos Monitor. Speaking of which, isn't it interesting that the Monitor had a potential Pulitzer Prize under its nose and elected to join the conspiracy of silence? As media goes, the New York Times, Physics Today, and Aviation Week among other national publications carried the heavy load of exposing the injustice and egregious behaviors going on here?
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