Friday, May 13, 2005

Lockheed, UT cement pairing

By Sue Vorenberg
Tribune Reporter
May 13, 2005

Lockheed Martin has found its partner in the big dance-off to run Los Alamos National Laboratory.

The University of Texas regents on Thursday authorized Chancellor Mark Yudof to finalize a partnership between the school and Lockheed to bid on the contract to operate the lab.


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ABC news "Primetime" has accused LM of racism. See

Worth reading!
I don't see where ABC is accusing anyone of anything. They simply report that one of the victims' families is suing LM for not doing enough.
That's exactly the point. They took no action against racist behavior that was well known to them. The shootings may have been preventable had LM taken timely action.
Hrmm. Going after an entire organization for "culture problems" over the actions of one man...I could swear I've seen that someplace before...
Roger that. Does someone want to talk about racism in re UC?
Lockheed has clearly some parts, which are a few orders worse than anything we experienced at LANL. For a few years they tolerated exremely aggressive racist who eventually did the killings. They are in some respects a few epochs behind UC, do not try to spin it otherwise, or I will think you are paid by them.
Every large piece of fruit or large organization when viewed up close has blemishes. To conclude otherwise is to conclude that human beings are not involved in the management and operation of such organizations. All potential for human error must be eliminated. Hal, the "perfect" computer, told you that reality in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

While the UC carefully protected the retirement vestment of Nanos by giving him an Interagency Personal Act assignment of the proper length, that concern did not extend to a Hispanic administrator in DX who was terminated a week before her vestment as I understand the situation. Similarly, the campaign to remove Vietnam-era veterans from senior management positions may not have been planned, but it has occurred. The same goes for Native Americans. However, upon reflection, I am compelled to assess, based on data that I have scanned, that the past Laboratory Director was probably an equal opportunity abuser. Everyone, excepting his friends, got equal mistreatment. However, several of his senior staff and UCOP supported him. I have been programmed to ask this question, "How long will those blemishes still in place?"

Anonymously yours: Hal, the perfect computer (oops!)
Nanos was not equal opportunity abuser, although he abused different people. Anyway, he still was not like Ku-Klux-Klan brother as the "hero" of the cited story, tolerated for a few years by Lockheed.
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