Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Livermore Chief to Head UC's LANL Team

By Adam Rankin
Journal Staff Writer
University of California officials announced on Tuesday that nuclear physicist Michael R. Anastasio, director of UC's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, will head the team preparing a bid to retain the school's management of Los Alamos National Laboratory.

UC and Bechtel National officials said Anastasio has the right combination of a solid science background and an understanding of U.S. Energy Department workings to lead a successful team.

"His familiarity with the Los Alamos National Laboratory, the university and the missions of both institutions— as well as the National Nuclear Security Administration and the Department of Energy— makes him an excellent choice for this key position," said UC president Robert Dynes.

Anastasio, trained in theoretical nuclear physics, rose through the Livermore ranks from his start there in 1980 in one of the lab's nuclear weapons design divisions.

In a phone interview on Tuesday, Anastasio said he plans to visit LANL as part of the competition preparation but had a few words of encouragement for LANL scientists and employees in the meantime.

"The key message is that we are going to win," he said. "I believe in Los Alamos. It has a great history, and it will have a great future."


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Whew, I feel better now knowing that UC is going to win because this fellow said they were.
There are no repeat no fresh rumors regarding the imminent departure of Marquez.
"UC won't win if it keeps most of the current Nanos loyalists on in senior positions: Cobb, Immele, Tarantino, Bowles, Seestrom, Beck, and Marquez. Oh yeah best not to forget the ultimate loyalists: Kaye, Bowles, and Sharp."

We need a "Night of the Scilian Vespers!"
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