Friday, May 06, 2005

Letter from Bob Dynes to LANL employees

Dear Colleagues:

As you are aware, Los Alamos National Laboratory Director Pete Nanos has announced that he will be taking a new position with the US Department of Defense. Pete has been an agent of change at LANL, and the laboratory is a stronger and safer place as a result of his leadership. I fully respect his decision to join the Department of Defense, and I wish him the best of luck in his new endeavors. He has been deeply committed to the mission of the laboratory, and I am grateful for his tireless efforts over the last two years.

I am pleased to announce that I am appointing Robert W. Kuckuck as interim director of Los Alamos National Laboratory, effective May 16, 2005. For many of you, Bob is no stranger and has been intimately involved in nuclear weapons research and programs for more than four decades. Bob has extensive experience in the national laboratory and nuclear weapons complex, having worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration. He will be an excellent asset to Los Alamos, and I know you will give him a warm welcome when he arrives.

Director Nanos' departure comes as we continue along the path of competition. I do believe that the strong policies and procedures that Pete put in place at the University's direction, coupled with the continuing excellence in your scientific and technological work, have placed us in a highly competitive position. The University is continuing its preparations for the forthcoming competition and we are awaiting the final request for proposals. It is our sincere hope that the final request for proposals places a strong emphasis on science and technology and offers the necessary security and protections for employees. I expect the UC Board of Regents will make a decision regarding competition after the release of the final RFP.

As we look to the future, I am confident that with your help, Interim Director Kuckuck will be able to continue to foster the highest levels of excellence in science and management performance of this laboratory, one of our nation's scientific jewels.


Robert C. Dynes

OK!, now how do we get of the disciples of NANOS: Gutieerez, Cobb, Tarentino, Devaurs, etc?
and Beck and Marquez
You got Nanos. You've made your point. LANL staff should be treated with respect. However, please don't turn this blog into a vehicle of petty revenge and attack.

It is time to start building up LANL instead of continuing to tear it down. The weak managers you speak of will fall by the wayside eventually.
Doubt they will fall by the wayside eventually. Just doesn't work that way.

In any event, just don't care anymore.
Fellow "cowboys," electricians, and other Lab employees whose reputation our soon-departed director besmirched:
This is an opportunity to prove to the country how wrong Nanos is about what a bunch of buttheads we are. Let's move on and focus once again on the work we came to LANL to do.
Instead of being an agent of change, Nanos was an agent of orange that killed and withered everything and everyone in his path. That however is history. Today the replanting and rebuilding must begin. We need to focus on our mission, get product out the door, discover something new, be exceptionally safe and secure as we have always been but now must do even better, work to heal our wounds and the wounds of the wronged, and say something good to everyone we meet. Today was the day that spring began.
wow. I don't work at LANL but a letter full of doubletalk management quacking like that wouldn't inspire confidence in me.
My interactions with Pete were pretty good but that "agent of orange" comment was priceless! Many of you on this blog have a real talent for political satire.
Cobb IS leaving.
In which direction is he leaving?
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