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Latest intel

From Anonymous:

Actually I don't have any fresh intel. I'm hoping that by getting this posted those better in the know will supply the rest of us.

On a related note, how about that Nanos performance today, eh? You almost couldn't tell that he only has 7 more days here.

On yet another note, my spidey sense tells me that big-ish news is just around the corner. Perhaps LM & UC will announce that they have decided to partner with each other, but with LM on top. It might be an interesting weekend, news-wise.

Yes he was definitely off and he disappeared pretty fast but maybe not fast enough
This post is not related to intel but is important for those of us that cannot retire.

I talked with benefits today to find out what my options are, with 1 yr sick leave, 20+ years service but less than 50 yrs. of age, so not eligible to retire.

Here are the answer:
1) If you retire your sick leave gets converted into service credit (added to years of service).
2) If you terminate vested and retire within 120 days (assuming you become 50yrs. min after 120 days) your sick leave gets converted into service credit.
3) If you terminate vested your sick leave disappears.

So it is important that this issue not get lost upon a new contractor taking over.

What do folks think will happen to sick leave upon transition to a new contractor?
POOF!! obviously.
faster than POOF
I don't feel so good.
we're all screwed one way or another unless retirment is imminent. and UC STILL hasn't even announced its intention to bid. A vacuum of information
I feel very ill - could be a long term chronic illness brought on by years of stress and poor management. Since I'm well under 50, maybe I need to recuperate so that I can survive the transition.
You guys (gals) are just too funny! I have thoroughly enjoyed the humor we have, somehow, been able to find in all this mess. Even though there is a lot serious stuff on the blog, the laughs have been many. We have to laugh to try to keep all this in perspective. Thanks for all the great lines...I am proud to be your colleague at LANL.
humor is a blessing but some things just aren't funny. Among the screwed will be the young ones regardless of service time, the new hires with less than 5 years regardless of age, and the contractors regardless. Sort of an equal opportunity screw the worker deal
If you don't think that electrical safety is a real issue for all of us, you are kidding yourself. I am no fan of Pete's, but I have seen plenty of LANL buildings where the as built drawings -- if they existed -- bore no relation to the actual. That can result overloaded circuits, burned up computers, fire, injury, for not just electrical workers, but office users, networkers, etc.

Thirty years ago I was knocked across a deck by a 120v/15a shock from a circuit that was "off"; believe me we should all take it seriously.

It is worth reminding complainers that this is not a Nanos initiative, but a Bodman one.

Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, i.e., don't throw safety out with the director.

It really is possible to get hurt.

Just think; if not for brain damage from the shock all those years ago, "I coulda been a director." GG [And apologies to Marlon Brando.]
Well, Marlon, I hope you got your $1.9M's worth of electrical lecturing today.
Did you notice that Nanos said he
did not want to get into numbers.
The other guy said that LANL was the
best of the DOE complex. I wish Nanos did look at the numbers. I am not sure if simply does not know the facts or willfully hides them.

The meeting was fine. Of course
it really does not help in anyway.
Each group has unique needs and
those should be addressed on a group
by group case. This means some groups will need days or weeks of
training and some a couple of hours.
They way we did it today was just
sort of fluff. I would
rather have a rational approach.
It is my safety after all and I want
the best.

By the way this whole thing today
had nothing to do with us. It had to
due with the guy who fried himself at SLAC.
yes but as pete said our electrical safety record is what we make it. really? whoa.... add what that mandatory meeting cost to the lab wasted money pit. total foolishness summed up by beloved admiral in a dumb statement
You all are taking entirely the wrong attitude. I was thinking the entire time Pete was up, "maybe this is the last sea story I will be forced to listen to for a long, long time." It made the time pass by quietly (albeit very expensively). The rest of the presentation was fine - esp. the electrical safety guy. Good job. One is forced to wonder if $1M worth of electrical upgrades to the LANL site would have served us all better than listening to Don and Pete tell us how much they care? I guess we will never know. Hopefully the next Director will take on a more realistic, and less self-serving, approach.
Your Blog is great, and a real service to the community. I watched Kuckuck in action for a long time. Those who think he is the savior are dead wrong. Kuckuck is knowledgeable, and well connected - BUT - he is not capable of decisive action on anything.

Say hello to Lockheed.

Good luck!
At least the video clips in yesterday's all-hands meeting showed real people who did real work, and most of the time without incident. Much better than the depictions of high school football and basketball teams shown at an earlier all-hands. Unfortunately, with the spotlight on the current director, the much greater problem, the DOE bureaucracy, is less noticeable.
As someone previously observed, at best Kuckuck will be a caretaker and at worst an undertaker. He lacks the vision, spirit, and drive to be a dynamic leader. The image that most often comes to mind is that of the proverbial Dutch uncle. However, he is well connected to both NNSA and UCOP but has seldom used that influence to help Los Alamos. Even so, I wish him and Glenn Mora the best.
Lloyd Gordon's electrical safety class is well worth taking - for everyone, including admins. He knows his field, he teaches it well, and he's pragmatic. He really is an asset to the organization.
Dawn who posted at 5/5/2005 07:10:09 AM must have attended a different Lloyd Gordon safety class than I did. For the class that I attended, he spent the first half hour telling us how great he is. The course content was not really that good. For eight hours of class, I figured that I got about three hours of benefit.
(Note to Doug: How about setting up a new top-level thread on the safety meeting, as it's a little off topic for this one?)

We've had periodic safety meetings ever since I've been at the lab, which is now a loooong time, and they are not a bad thing, although they're not my preferred way of spending time. Done correctly, they can be both interesting and informative. Does anyone else remember when Don Liska, a world-class mountaineer, gave a safety talk on hypothermia (to an organization whose people spent a lot of time outdoors and therefore had an interest in the subject) illustrated with scenes and anecdotes from his trips to the Himalayas, etc.? I would just about have paid money to sit in that safety meeting.

The objectionable thing about this particular one wasn't so much that we had to take the down time for it, but rather the one-size-fits-all nature of the thing. T, LANSCE, SUP and DX divisions, to name a few, have obviously diverse needs when it comes to electrical safety. Given that Bodman wanted this done (and Pete told the truth for once in asserting that something similar is happening at other labs), it would have been more productive to have a brief (and less condescending -- more on that in a minute) opening statement, followed by Gordon's fairly good presentation, followed by dispersing to our own organizations for some serious introspection on electrical-safety issues specific to those organizations. Doing things this way simply continued the trend toward disempowering line organizations where the specific awareness of issues lies. That can't be right.

Incidentally, did everyone catch the frigging Admiral's jape about half of all electricians being below average? One could say the same of lab directors. The man seems incapable of making the most rudimentary statement without going out of his way to offend somebody.
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