Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Latest Intel

From Anonymous(s):

Nanos will be going to Washington next week to talk to Brooks, and to testify. May 16 is now the big day.

For someone that talks big about value, Pete has sure milked the system and us taxpayers all his life. Taxpayers paid for his colege at the Naval Academy and post grad education, his Naval salary, his retirements, his son's salary (at the Navy), his wife's social security disability benefits, and his Lab salary from DOE.
This guy has never been off the taxpayer welfare system!
Here's a view of some of the litigation issues which Nanos and others might be asked about at the DC camp fire and marshmellow roast.
Well, it seems his departure date keeps on moving back. We've seen this before many times. Isn't it possible that other intel is bad as well and Nanos might be here to stay?
Most military folks earn their keep, so I don't see why salary trivia is an issue.

From a broader perspective, it may be that LANL has been under somewhat of a reality check over the past couple of years. While many corporations have had to get "lean and mean" to compete worldwide, perhaps some labs and other relatively protected environments have not. Others would know far better than I whether LANL's budget includes excessive waste, but I do have one experience that gives me a related perspective, limited as it may be.

Back in the days of the DOE project to build a New Production Reactor, about 15 years ago, a LANL task to provide updated safety program guidance had to be handed over to a lean and mean consulting firm after LANL had wasted 5 out of 6 project months under their matrix organization. The outsiders took over the task, started from scratch, and finished the task during the final 30 days, on time, QA double checks and all.

Again, while that is a narrow example, it represents a potential disconnect between at least some folks at the lab and the realities of getting things done on time and within budget. If it is at all representive, one might use it to argue that LANL has been on a slide for several years. Perhaps it can be argued that labs and educational institutions were never meant to be efficient users of the taxpayers' money.

If the lab gets to work under the management of modern, competitive organization, perhaps some who have been unhappy recently will be even less happy.

I hope that the hardworking and very capable folks at LANL are able to step up to the plate, rise above all this, and continue to be a great national asset. Perhaps some of those folks will have some constructive and useful thoughts for this blog about the path forward for the lab.
The day after I retired, the Lab went totally to hell. Trust me!
Mr. Jones raises some good issues. Certainly the New Production Reactor (NPR) handling at LANL was botched. Some of the NPR players then had a role in the "hard drives" affair; and they are still employed at LANL. I wonder what they are "working on" these days? Accountability is almost unheard of at LANL, which is why the recent terminations were such a shock...
May 16 indeed. I am not going anywhere other than travel.
Hey 4:54, is that you Pete?
I doubt it. "Pete" has to have his secretary print out his email for him. Can't imagine him being able to use the blog.
I @#$%! sure as @#$%^ can use this blog if I want to.

If you arrogant @#$%^ butthead @$%^& cowboys don't shut up and sit down, I'm gonna have my secretary reach right through this here contraption and shut you up.

Did you hear me soldiers! [erh...] I mean butthead scientists!

Ted Turner said that if I get him a ride on a nuclear sub, he'll let me go on his TV show and say "You're Fired!"
Sir, yes Sir!
Aye aye Admiral!
Shuttin' it up and sittin' it down here boss!
Sir yes sir! How high Sir?
Sir, yes sir! Three bags full sir!
Wipe the grins off your faces maggots!
Excellent Sir! Right away SIR!
That's more like it maggots. Now I want names and Z#s of every @#$%&* butthead who has ever read this blog! Now! Now! Now!
Yes sir, right away sir!
OK sir... got a preliminary list for you sir!

What should I do about all the folks from your Senior Executive Team who read it?? And the Lab Fellows? And those Nobel Laureates? How about your bosses at UC and DOE? And the White House?

Right... I'll just get you that list of known malcontents and scratch the rest off of this one...

Anything else Sir?!
Note the small minds, noting the smaller minds, noting the yet smaller minds, ... ad infinitum, ad valorem, ... Hey guys, I knew it , evolution works in reverse!
Yeah... get me the name of that cartoon geek who did that cover of me falling down the elevator shaft!

I wanna give him a @#$%^ piece of my #@$%% mind! I don't look like that at all! He made me look vaguely furrign... like that WenHolio character we held for a year while we polygraphed all his coworkers and finally had to let him go...

And that guy rattling on about small minds noting small minds... noting small minds... help... I've fallen into my own vortex!!!

Ahhh!!! It's like I'm falling down an elevator shaft! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!








. thud .
Uhhnhhh, Admiral Buttface, if you can still hear me down there ... that would be Donald Trump, not Teddie Turner.
Well Colorize my face Red! ... Ted!

I think I landed on ma Rump! Trump!

- Pete
Please, please, please go away Pete!!!! It is time that this lab, and this country, moves ahead.
After you pry my cold dead hands off of the helm....

- Pete
Offer Accepted...

The "Bug" in MIB
I think Michael Moore is here for my interview... I hope you good folks will excuse me while I answer a few of his nice questions... He's pretty goofy looking, he must be harmless!

- Pete
Well, you all succeeded in driving him out.

It is symptomatic of where we are as a society - the malcontent, the rabble and the loud voiced special interest groups have their say, and all semblance of respect for authority is no more. Some will react that this sentiment is "authoritarian" or "fascist" but juxtaposed against the long years since our nation's founding and the longer years of Western history, the erosion of order and tradition which charcterized the 20th century is quite unique in history.

It is no small matter that a very rebellious generation, in fact, the most rebellious ever, also happen to be the largest in numbers. Be proud, highchair tyrants - once again, your screaming fits have won the day. It is nothing new - look at the undermining of the Western military efforts to defeat Communist aggression in SE Asia. Etc .....

Well, let's hope you did not lash out unfairly or unwisely this time around. Oh, but what do I know ...

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