Monday, May 02, 2005

The latest intel

From Anonymous:

The latest intel is that there will be an announcement this week
about Nanos' departure. Unfortunately, this same intel says that the
parting message to GPN will be along the lines of:

"You did a wonderful, wonderful job here. Dodge has been cleaned up,
the swamp has been drained, your mission is accomplished, you now
clearly must move on to even greater things."

I suppose it would be foolishly optimistic to expect anything other
than the above, since it will be UC who will be delivering the
message. Given how badly UC has handled the LANL situation to date,
why should we expect any better of them now? Rather, it will be with
no great surprise that we find ourselves listening to them compound
the insult that their director has heaped on us since last July by
paying him complements upon his departure.


Unless Mara and Kuckuck actually have ethics. And spines. And
any self-respect that they wish to keep.

Hey if this happens. He will be gone.
A good step indeed. Everyone will know
what it means. I just hope he does not
do something like this to some other people.
Well, if the UC interim guys do give Nanos a rosy review during their send-off, it will certainly set the tone for the next year of UC stewardship. More of the same cover-up crap. I guess there is some solace in the fact that any continued poor judgment and outright stupidity that UC wishes to impose on LANL will be conducted in the 1,000 watt glare of a blog with a much increased world readership, thanks to the New York Times article.
The Nanos departure can only be GOOD for the Lab... Now if the new "bosses" are smart they will MOVE FORWARD and never look back. Nanos is BEHIND us.... let's keep him that way
It would be best if there was no public send-off. Just an announcement that he was gone.

Actually, it would be best if he were publically castigated, called a butthead and an arrogant jerk in front of the entire staff at LANL. But since that won't happen it would be best if he were allowed to just quietly slink off.
If our "fearless leader" is going, why is he giving the all-hands meeting on Wednesday for purposes of electrical safety training?
So what's the bastard going to do? Give us all polygraphs with high voltage?
What do I care if he does damage elsewhere? That's their problem - let them quit, retire or whatever.

Lest you begin to tell me how important DHS is, do you actually think DHS will prevent another terrorist attack, or do you think they will chew up infinite cash? Maybe Pete can be like the other retired Admiral who works for DOT that announced, after much study and who knows what cost, that butane lighters would no longer be allowed on aircraft. That's pretty deep.

Also, note that that Weds. meeting is mandatory for all employees.
If he had not made the meeting mandatory, nobody would have gone.
I will be posting on my home server the last five years of income tax returns that were submitted by our Dir. Nanos, Cobb, Marquez, Seestrom, & UCOP's Foley.

It is interesting to note the charaties and causes they contribute to.
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