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LANL is leaderless

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Not only that, Dawn, but he [Kuckuck] spends most of his time in California frantically trying to help write the response to the RFP. In other words, LANL is leaderless.

Of course it was leaderless under Nanos, so let's not go there.

Try making an appointment with an AD. They too are in California away from their responsibilities writing the response. Possibly since Nanos ran the USS Los Alamos aground under the UC banner, no leadership from UC is required to keep it there.

All we need is an occasional semaphore from the West Coast saying, "We know we caused your pain but still love you anyway. By the way, quit expecting to hear us say, 'We're sorry'."
Wow, what wonderful responses from the staff. Guess what -- Kuckuck was at the Regent's meeting representing Los Alamos. In guess you did not know, that is his job. He is back here tomorrow to host richardson.

There are missing ADs -- but that is also part of their job. At least in my directorate the AD remains engaged, and has delegated much of the responsibility. I am very happy that my AD is trying to craft our potential future than just LLNL and Becthel.

What is the real point of the original posting? Trying to make UC look bad?
To the original post and 7:23PM. Whats the point? Suck it up and lets get on with the show. Time to move on. If you can't, then perhaps its time for you to move on since its obvious that nothing anyone does is going to satisfy you.
Well, 8:42 you are correct on one point: Nanos did not satisfy me. It remains to be seen if Kuckuck can add anything to the process.
LANL is not leaderless. The group leaders take pretty good care of things where I work. So long as management above that knows, in general, and with a few specifics now and then, what's happening, and keeps bringing in minimal cash, work goes on. LANL would have been better off the last two years without the director it had.
I do wish people would stop complaining about the Lab under Nanos or problems with UC and get back to work. We need to show the nation what we are about and stop whining about not being able to get in to see an AD or that we are leaderless. We aren't. Let's move on folks!
8:42 and 6:53 are right
It's time the whiners either leave or get back to work.

Many of this group think that they will leave a big hole, but as we all know, new talent will come in and they will be quickly forgotten.

I'm still agast at the idiots who post here with the hugh ego's that think they are capable of identifying real leadership or management.

As the old saying goes, "you can't please everyone", and that is especially true in management.

As long as the senior managers are focused on the lab's future, we should all be a bit happier.

Now, get back to work....
1:33 poster.

There is no new talent comming in. In our
group several people left. The new ones
are very bad. You better believe we miss
those people that left and big time. You simply do not know what the hell you are talking about.
I agree with 1:33 and I do know what the heck I am talking about. All the vacancies created by people leaving will be filled just as they have been for the last 63 years. I do agree that some huge egos will never be able to be replaced. But that's a good thing, right?
:42 poster.

The number of US citizens getting Ph.d in physics and engineering has decreased dramatically in the last 10 years. There is just no people to replace those leaving. Please tell me where they are? We have lost some absolutely brilliant people over the years in my division. They have been severally missed and LANL has even suffered external embarrassment for not being able to keep these excellent people who are simply irreplaceable. So yes there are people we really cannot lose if we are to maintain our scientific excellence and we have to do everything we can to keep them. The people who have left are T, P, MST, and C. In fact there are people who left many years ago that these groups still talk about and wish they could bring back. These people cannot simply be replaced.

What division are you in? I think you may have a very closed mind about what is really done at Los Alamos.
1:33 and 04:42 are probably typical of many of the new replacements. They certainly are not deeply engaged in the physics and chemistry of nuclear weapons or in the scientific disciplines associated with nonproliferation and counterterrorism. If they were, they would not make such inane statements. People have left this Laboratory who are simply irreplaceable. Many were in their early to mid fifties.
We live in a world of supply and demand. During the late sixties space race era and after the cancellation of the Boeing SST there was a glut of PhD’s on the market. Half of the restaurants in the Boston area (Harvard, Yale, MIT ect) had PhD waiters on staff. There was an over supply and a greatly reduced demand.

If and when there becomes a true demand for physics PhD’s a supply will evolve. It will take time. Your belief that it is vital they can not be replaced is just that, your belief. LANL will survive in either case. The taxpayers have too much invested to let it die due to a few people leaving.
The truly irreplaceable staff of Los Alamos left decades ago. Those now
thumping their chests and claiming they are irreplaceable are but a pale
ghost of the former giants of Los Alamos. When you are truly great at what
you do, you don't have to defend your status with idle threats of leaving.
9:42 post.

They are leaving. More will go soon.
Nothing good will be left. Universities will get these people.
LANL will be shut down afer that.
9:42, are you in X, DX or N? I bet you are. Ask yourself this, if the US congress really knew how good you are and what you, do you really think it would be worth it to keep LANL? I mean LDRD is only 6%, The 94% what do you do? You know who you are. I know who you are. You do not matter. You know it. I know it. Justify yourself. Make your case. In my more gloomy moods I think we should be shut down. Really, how many good people are there? 300? Thats it.

You can point to LLNL. However, they
are worse. The NIF will never, never
work. None of these big things ever do. NASA? Please. LANL is only 2B
sure it is a waste but so is NASA,
LLNL and Sandia. Sad but true.
NIF will go down in history as a major failure. All along we knew that is was WPA for LLNL.

The only thing worse than NIF is that LANL hired some of the failed NIF managers.
Blaming any UC/LANL management issues we have on NIF refugees is a stretch. We have heard concerns about various LANL managers on this blog, but to my knowledge (admittedly not complete) none of them are even from LLNL, let alone NIF.
NO! We are not blaming the hiring of the NIF incompetants as the reason for the LANL problems. The point is that these guys did a very poor job on NIF at LLNL and we then hired them into very high positions. This is yet another example of hiring compentence at LANL!
I suggest you be more specific if you are going to throw around statements like that. NIF is a very large project. Just because somebody worked on NIF does not mean they are responsible for problems with NIF anymore than all LANL staff are responsible for problems at LANL or that all LANL managers are responsible for management problems at LANL.
Poster 3:57 am, you seem to have a real bug-up-your-ass about our "nuke"
divisions (i.e., X, DX, and N). I would suggest you reflect on the idea
that if it was NOT for these divisions, there would be no reason for the
DOE to continue funding our Defense lab. You do know that we are a
Defense lab, don't you? And from the timing of your post, I surmise you
are obviously either: (1) an insomniac, or (2) you're posting from the
other side of this planet. My guess is option 2, especially given your
poor grasp of the English language. English doesn't appear to be your
native tongue.
I agree with the last post. Let's not disparage Divisions who are contributing directly to our nuclear weapons missions (X, DX, NMT, ESA). They serve an important purpose despite not pulling in a lot of LDRD funds. There's more to this lab than basic research.
To 1:30 and supporters and followers: This is typical Soviet thinking. History goes in circles indeed.
Sorry, not 1:30 but 1:33, but this changes nothing.
11:52 poster,

I'm a little confused by your statement that the nuclear weapon-related divisions are not "...pulling in a lot of LDRD funds."

Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought that LDRD funds were essentially derived by taxing (at a 6% rate) program money sent to LANL. Maybe you were referring to the fact that not many LDRD proposals are funded in these divisions (because they are driven so strongly by weapon programs, and there must be clear separation between LDRD and programs).

In any case, I believe (but again may be wrong) that LDRD funding would not be significant, or may not even exist, if not for the programs that these divisions (X, DX, NMT, MST and ESA)support.

BTW - 3:57 does appear to be from the other side of the planet. I would not be surprised if there are a few ringers contributing to this blog on behalf of organizations hostile to the US. Of course the objective is to conduct psych warfare, and contribute further to the demoralization of the LANL workforce.
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