Saturday, May 14, 2005

LANL Good Old Boy/Girl network

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You talk as if LM had the contract sewed up! If it is so clear that they should be running LANL, then why even have a competition? I wish to thank Sean-Paul Kelley for his words about the bloggers. For the most part, I feel that postings are made with respect and integrity, and it is good to see that someone out there recognizes this. I have seen little evidence of groussing, whining, or any of the other words that have been used to try to discredit the bloggers, free speach and venting are better descriptions.

LANL has serious problems with respect to its employees, typified by the treatment of Todd Kaupilla that resulted in the tremendous stress that cost him his life. Tony Andrade too? No one knows. How many others are out there that only time will tell us? I recently joined UPTE because I have a desire to see the LANL Good Old Boy/Girl network brought to its knees. I don't know that UPTE is up to the task, and they are taking on UC too, so the challenge is great, but what else is there? Can't we turn UPTE into the union we want, rather than reinventing the wheel?

How do we fix the LANL problem(s) now that the primary source of the stress is leaving?

I suggest we turn this blog into a focus on LANL improvement. Can we put together a more comprehensive improvement plan with the courage and insight of this large group of employees? We have a list of the things that LANL doesn't do well, can we get together a list of good steps to move forward in a positive way? It is clear to me that we are almost buried in bureaucracy and are sinking fast, but is it really too late? Can we take the efficiency project that Nanos has started and make it really be an efficiency project?

LANL scientists, in my opinion, resist safety and security activities because they are done so poorly, have little relevance to safety and security, and waste huge amounts of valuable time (how many 60-hour weeks can one work in a week?). After we get done with the training (useless) and the other bureaucratic requirements (read: nonsense), how much time is left to actually do experimental science? Or to bring in next year's funding for that matter?

If we don't get an organized voice in this contract competition, and get a seat at the table, then we deserve what we get, and it won't be pretty. Not only will we bring down LANL, but every business, school and real estate agency in Los Alamos will lose as the place turns into a ghost town as one blogger has already said.

Not quite brave enough to sign my name, but high on LANL and the blog!

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