Monday, May 16, 2005

Lab Cleanup Change Nixed

Lab Cleanup Change Nixed

By Adam Rankin
Journal Staff Writer

Department of Energy officials have reconsidered earlier plans to carve out the environmental cleanup portion of the Los Alamos National Laboratory management and operations contract for a separate manager.

"I think this is a very successful shift in policy, as far as the future operations at Los Alamos go," said state Environment Department Secretary Ron Curry. "No matter who the ultimate contractor is... the lab has 60 years of legacy environmental problems that have to be dealt with."


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Well, that should disqualify LockMart if anyone looks at their record at Idaho...
This could be **very** important. Last November all potential bidders save UC signed a letter to the government stating that they would not bid if they were to suffer unlimited environmental liability. UC did not sign the letter and LockMart was then already out; everybody else did sign. The result was the draft clause specifying a separate contractor (who presumably could afford to go bankrupt). The State of NM caught on and objected. What happens now is not clear.
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