Monday, May 16, 2005


From Anonymous:

Kudos to Eric for trying to start a different type of discussion
between LANL employees. Perhaps such a dialogue belongs on a parallel
blog focusing on Science at LANL, nevertheless I think it is a great
idea. I decided to comment since I saw that posts complaining of
problems get plenty of responses but a constructive post such as this
did not elicit a single response. We need this type of dialogue along
with discussion of problem.

Since commenting in that thread is disabled, I'll do it here:

"... projects that could only be done here..."

arrogance + naivete = hubris

Good luck with that.
The problem with Eric's post is that it is self-seving. Eric is not a lab employee and is always trying to get lab wrok. At least in his post he indicates the desire to work on these.
Eric should just go away.
Eric's post is stupid. Los Alamos is a place to do science in the service of the nation, but it also has to be anchored to reality.

Just think, this same guy is offering to help you get a job. Wow, stupidity knows no bounds.
I too have posted constructive discussion threads in the past and gotten little useful in response. (See above comments for representative samples...) Why not start another blog for possible solutions. Posters are addicted to complaining at best(and mud-slinging at worst) on this blog.
Regarding anonymous @ 5/16/2005 06:54:01 PM, "Constructive" criticism is in the eye of the recipient. You are a legend in your own mind.
"Doc in a Box" is exactly the type of project we should NOT be doing at
Los Alamos. It is the type of project that belongs at a medical university
like John Hopkins. Thank goodness Eric doesn't work at LANL. We shouldn't
become technical whores selling our services in areas in which we do not
belong. I've seen too much of that in the past at Los Alamos.
As one who has watched friends die of cancer and now having family members with cancer, I can honestly say that if LANL were to engage in pursuing a cure for cancer and somehow managed to accomplish that goal, I wouldn't give a rodent's rearend whether it was part of the primary mission or not. It would certainly be hailed as a worthwhile endeavor.

Eric's post may be self-serving in a way, but each of us tends to offer that which we know best so it makes sense that Eric offers a starting point from his own area of interest or expertise.
jso who IS Eric and what IS he selling? why is he trying to capitalize on the lab's problems?
10:47: I do cancer research. NIH will continue to fund cancer-related things at LANL and other labs at a modest level, but DOE is not interested. Cancer is a huge problem, one which could benefit IMO from a "manhattan project" with a massively funded international collaboration.

General note on blogging/internet: One has two choices: 1. Allow for anonymous posting and get mostly honest words, a lot of which will hurt people's feelings or offend them (since people are not in general used to brutal honesty, and obviously there are significant differences of opinion and perspective). 2. Don't allow for anonymous posting, and have a preconceived direction for the discussion. This generally leads to the echo-chamber effect, since people with dissenting views are repulsed by the majority, and the majority view feeds back.

By the way, instead of being purely anonymous, one can choose "other" for identity under the comment box and type whatever you want for name (e.g. "Rupert", "Dalmation"). This would make it a lot less cumbersome for others here to refer to specific posts.
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