Sunday, May 01, 2005

It's funny

From Anonymous:

It's funny. UC has remained paralyzed during the past 9 months in the face of the growing discontent that their chosen director, Nanos, has caused at LANL. Apparently UC president Robert Dynes feared that any action UC took would generate bad publicity. Dynes seems to have been thinking that if UC stayed real quiet and did absolutely nothing then the whole Nanos thing would just blow over.

The blog, the NY Times article, and the ensuing media circus is the result of their inaction, thus achieving exactly the opposite goal that they were wishing for.

There is hope.

Learn, prepare, and simply throw it back.

Be brave. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.
In the meantime, the media coverage is going to attract every other abusive manager in the industry to this blog to try to make a defense of their clodish behavior. There's no excuse for Nanos-style "I'll slander you and you'll shut up and take it" conduct.
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