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It is not too surprising that members of Congress are appalled

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It is not too surprising that members of Congress are appalled at uncensored information availability, such as a blog can provide. I would like to see blogs started on Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), and the Congresswoman from Colorado, as well.

the very idea of a blog goes against all the current neo-nazi GOP crap in the bush administration and indeed any regime or management that cannot stand to be questioned, criticized or held accountable. long live the BLOGs!
YES...the days of the Gulag are gone!!
As usual the liberals don't seem to realize that the nazis were liberals (also read as socialists)
NAZI is an abreviation for the National Socialist Workers Party.
Stop the one sided GOP bashing and start to realize that ALL the politicians in this sordid tale have shown themselves to be spineless vermin that place their careers ahead of the good of the nation and the simple principles of right and wrong.
To clueless Bush-bashing poster, 9:05. Maybe you didn't notice it because
of your blind hatred of Bush, but the two Congress people who attacked
the blog at the LANL Congressional hearing were DEMOCRATS. Got that?
Any Congressperson (Donkey or Elephant) who imagines that they can judge the value or suitabilty of the lab based on what they read in this blog deserves to be tossed down an elevator shaft in the style of The Blog vs Dr. Nano.

Clearly these people had already decided what they thought and imagined that pointing at our dirty laundry hanging out on the line proved it.

I'm not that proud of some of our laundry hanging on this line, but I doubt it is a legitimate reason to shut the lab.

There are multiple conspiracies afoot. The Dems who are trying to trash us are likely doing so out of judgement around Nuclear weapons and war in general. The Republicans are probably just trying to soften us up to hand over to the military or sell us to the highest arms dealer.
Congressman Stupak holds a Juris Doctorate degree from Thomas M. Cooley Law School, in Lansing, Michigan. He earned his Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from Saginaw Valley State College in 1977, graduating magna cum laude, and he earned his Associate's Degree from Northwestern Michigan Community College in Traverse City in 1972.

Now, this is a perfectly commendable educational background for, say, a district attorney. I really mean it. I hope, however, that Mr. Stupak realizes he needs to recuse himself when it comes to figuring out how to best maintain America’s nuclear arsenal.
I am a proudly Bush-bashing, financially contributing Democrat (and have authored several anti-GOP posts on this blog).

Despite this, I now intend to donate generously to the campaigns of the opponents of Mr. Stupak and Ms. DeGette in the next election.

To threaten draconian retaliation (i.e. closure of LANL) against a dedicated, patriotic workforce, for the supposed "offense" of daring to publicly exercise their right to free speech, is an absolute outrage. In this grim year of seemingly endless attacks on our constitution and individual rights by power-hungry politicians, Stupak's and DeGette's ill-informed and irresponsible grandstanding, at the expense of both national security and the Bill of Rights, is the most un-American outrage I have had the misfortune to witness.

Mr. Stupak and Ms. DeGette, your behavior in this matter is a disgrace to your office, your party, and your country.
The person who submitted the 5/19 10:17pm posting shows a tremendous ignorance of history when s/he states: "As usual the liberals don't seem to realize that the nazis were liberals (also read as socialists) NAZI is an abreviation for the National Socialist Workers Party." The NAZI's used the word "Socialist" in their name for political reasons only, much like the communist regimes used democracy and republic in names such as "Democratic Peoples Republic of (pick your favorite communist country)". To call the NAZI's "liberals" is ludicrous. They were neither conservative or liberal in our sense today.
It ain't like me so it's diffrn't, kiell it!
The ignorance and narrow-minded greed and fear of our politicians (of all stripes) never ceases to amaze me.

Including our own pork-barrel Pete. So many of us praised him for so many years for landing us solid funding and support without regard to it's true merit.

Did (does) Pete (sure are a lot of Petes in our life lately) actually "get" what LANL was (is) about and support that or was he merely looking out for the supply of Federal funds to be channeled into NM?

How many enemies did he (and we) make through our long run of "can do no wrong"?

I'm not saying "blame the victim" (us), I'm just pointing out that some of our enemies are rightous. We are not perfect, we are not clean, we are not beyond reproach. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail and we will find our way through this mess to a future that is neither pit production facility or ghosttown.

We are going to have folks like Stupak and DeGette who have already decided what to do with us without understanding or caring much of anything about the particulars. Our best course is to ignore them and let the other Political creatures fight that battle on their own turf.

Politicians deal in power and persuasion, they don't care about scientific or engineering arguements, no matter how well founded or practical.
How did LANL become the poster child for security and safety mistakes? Think about it, most of the security failures which made us famous for incompetence were not really security incidents at all. But they gave openings to politicians who wanted to win a contract for their favorite corporation.
A 2 billion and growing budget is a plum for any corporation and several are interested in having such a plum. They can profit from the management fees and the intellectual property they will own as a result of operating the lab. They can get also intel on all kinds of other government programs that they might wish to go after from LANL's participation with DOE and other agencies.
The safety incidents were bad, but everyone has noticed that other laboratories don't make the news when one of their employees is killed, much less injured. That is because those laboratories have already been outsourced.
We, as a nation, voted for Bush, whether you like it or not, and Bush and his party are in favor of putting everything in the hands of private business. They were looking for an excuse and had lots of help in trumping up excuses. And Bush's campaign manager from the last election sits on the U.C. Board of Regents. Admiral Foley served on Bush's transition committee. So even if UC wins, LANL will still be privatized.
Now that we are being privatized, I hope all you good Republicans will enjoy what you voted for. If not, there will hopefully be elections in the future.
I'm appalled by a Congress that has to be told about the importance of LANL but has the gall to pass the unfunded No Child Left Behind Act which penalizes schools rather than helping them.
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