Saturday, May 14, 2005

Interagency Personnel Act

From Anonymous:

I wondered how Nanos could walk in off the street and land a high Federal job. Now word from a good friend at DTRA explains everything. Nanos will not be a Federal employee but a University of California employee on assignment under the Interagency Personnel Act. It appears that Admiral Foley, who has turned his back on justice and fairness, has managed to protect his comrade-in-arms again. While we will be put through the contractual wringer, Nanos will have his UC employment regardless of the outcome of UC bid for Los Alamos. Why does the word "conspracy" come to mind? While I'm speculating, I believe the IPA arrangement means the UC did not have to buy Nanos' house or may not have given Nanos a golden parachute. The irony in any case is that some thirty victims of Nanos are paying their attorneys, suffering, and now dying from the abusive actions of George P. Nanos, Jr. Meanwhile Nanos, the bully, is getting royal treatment from Foley's office. I'm sorry but this situation reminds me of what the Soviet Union was like before the fall of the Berlin Wall,. nomenclature living like entitled tsars while the citizens were slaves laboring within a system of abuse and deprivation. This is not the America that my ancestors and I fought and in some cases died for. It is not the America that Los Alamos has worked so diligently and brilliantly to defend. However, it is exactly how President Dynes and UCOP's Foley are managing Los Alamos and it is why I'm looking forward to UC losing both the Los Alamos and Livermore contracts.

If Nanos is still on the UC/LANL payroll, then that is a scandal. Somebody needs to report this to the IG.

Yet another reason that UC must go! Getting rid of UC just to get rid of Nanos and Foley may sound a bit like throwing out the baby with the bathwater. But, these guys have crapped in the bathwater and will continue to do so.
The man has to get "Daddy Foley" to help him get a job. How pathetic.
I remember when Nanos made comments that if LANL ever had the UC contract
pulled away, he would suffer too, since he would no longer have a job. Now
we find out that he's set himself up with UC so no matter what happens, he
keeps his high pay, benefits, and perks. What a jerk.
Using the IPA as a parachute to whisk failed LANL managers out of town, while the stench settles, is not new with Nanos. The GAO needs to investigate this whole rotten mess. And, we need to ask why the DOE is willing to pay for this, because they do pay the bills. UC does not....
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