Tuesday, May 03, 2005

If you had dealt with Nanos directly

From Anonymous, from the



While you make some good points, "Nanos did his best to address the problems he saw here" is going too far.

If you had dealt with Nanos directly, as I have, you would know that he had a penchant for making bad snap decisions based on no information. People stopped asking him questions in manager meetings as he would make up an answer on the spot, and you were stuck with it. When you tried to help him see there were better paths forward, all you got for your efforts was to be yelled at and threatened.

Nanos never tried to look at what the real problems were, and he never tried to work toward real solutions. The shutdown of unrelated projects in a lab with an excellent safety and security record just sent the message to our sponsors that they should send their money elsewhere, enhancing the probability of the permanent shutdown you fear.

My path forward is to put constructive posts on the running list of wasteful activities, and hope we will soon have a director willing to listen.

I have also added to the running list of how LANL wastes time, money and other resources. The next operator of the LANL contract will be grateful for having help in identifing the areas to be cleaned up first.
You know, I don't tolerate incompetence well, and as a result I have added a number of items to the running list. UC has been here for 60 years, and between them and DOE, most of the inefficiencies at LANL can be explained. Not excused, not forgiven, but explained. I would gratefully welcome Lockheed at the front gate if I thought they would clean up some of the garbage that has accumulated over the past half century of benign neglect here at LANL. Hells, bells; I'll help them move the belongings Rich Marquez, Jim Fallin, Micheline Devaurs, and Lisa Gutierrez out the the front curb next to nothing. I'll even toss Kevin Roark in for free.
Well, absolute power corrupts absolutely! Nanos has lived in a system that has rewarded his lording it over folks--so why should we be surprised? But so does NNSA/DOe in general. If we are to get something done, we need leadership that supports the need to get something done! Right now, we are so busy justifying that we can do it right, we cannot do it right!
Had I ever had occasion to deal directly with Nanos on any level, I fear I would be tempted to slap him silly. At a minimum, he deserves to be thrown overboard as is sometimes the sentence for sailors on ships whose shipmates don't like them intensely.
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