Monday, May 09, 2005

I, too, wish to express my deep sorrow at the loss of Todd Kauppila

I, too, wish to express my deep sorrow at the loss of Todd Kauppila, a fine person, outstanding professional, and a person I am delighted to have had a chance to know. Todd was dedicated to his job at Los Alamos National Laboratory and worked sixty hour weeks to save a program that was in deep trouble. For his effort Todd received the LANL's Distinguished Performance.

I did not get to know Todd until after he left LANL, but I came to respect his strength in the face of adversity and his obvious talent. I also came to respect his friends, co-workers and team members, including John Horne. Clearly, Bechtel, recognized a fine employee when it saw one.

I will miss Todd, and I know his family and co-workers and friends will miss him deeply as well. It is not often that one meets such a fine human being and employee all rolled into one. I urge all LANL employees to keep Todd and his family in their hearts and minds, as I plan to do. It is important that we lend our support to his widow, Sarah, and his children, parents and brothers and sisters. They were terribly proud of Todd and loved him deeply. They will need our support for some time.

Betty Ann Gunther

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