Monday, May 02, 2005

I think that it's time for a party

From Anonymous:

I think that it's time for a party. I suggest we gather for a bring-your-own-whatever party sometime on May 14 at Ashley Pond or one of the neighborhood parks. I have no agenda for this gathering, but if you are looking for a theme let's call it "triskaidekaphilia." Post your comments and, if there is interest, I will make it happen.

I recommend a huge party on July 1 for all those hundreds of LANL people retiring, their families and friends. Might be a lot more fun, and a lot more efficient, than hundreds of individual retirement parties. Music, food, dancing, etc. But no platitudinous speakers, especially from LANL management, please.
This will also be a great reason to celebrate for those of us not retiring - look at all of the job opportunities that this will bring.
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