Sunday, May 01, 2005

I had the honor to work with the scientists at Los Alamos in 1990

From Anonymous:

I just wanted to say, I had the honor to work with the
scientists at Los Alamos in 1990. It was a classified weapons
program. Security was tight and appropriate. I never saw or felt
any compromises were ever made to our countries security. If a
individual was cleared to the level needed to work on the
program, there was a openness among the employees in working to
achive that goal. This was one of the attributes of making
things work, often things that probably were just dreams, but we
all made things work and ultimately, for the good of freedom.
The Berlin wall fell shortly afterwards, it was with the
conviction and hard work of the LANL employees that helped make
this happen. I give you all my sincere blessing in continuing
the great achievements you all have and will do in the interests
of freedom and for this great country.

Thank you so much for those kind words.
The Berlin Wall fell in 1989.
The project, a notorious nuclear test that will remain nameless, began well before the fall of the Berlin Wall and was completed the following year. The poster's R&D work on the test was probably finished in 1989.
Thank you for your input. The specific date is not important. It is nice to hear "facts" on the security from someone who has actually been here and worked with us. There are so many incessant and preposterous allegations (probably for a variety of hidden agendas) from people who have never even been to the town of Los Alamos, much less the Laboratory. It is refreshing to hear some balance from an "outside" person; we have been beat up pretty badly from outside and inside.
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