Monday, May 23, 2005

I agree that we cannot forget what happened

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Integrity. I can work with that.

And Todd's memory. I agree that we cannot forget what happened there and seek redress for him in whatever way we can.

Does anyone know how the contributions to his family are going? Do we need to pass the hat a few more times?

Doug, does it make sense to restart a Post regarding helping Todd's family and getting some satisfaction from LANL/UC? I know Foley was a real bastard about that, but I don't know that we need to take no for an answer so easily.

She should look into collecting from workman's comp and file a wrongful death suit--resulting from undue stress from unjustified firing.
Yes, integrity is a good thing.
I think Todd's wife should be suing for wrongful termination, back pay and reinstatement of all of the benefits Todd had when he was fired. Also lots of punitive damages.
I also think it will take a long time to get anything out of LANL, thought it seems hard to believe that she would not win.
As for her current state of financial affairs, I understand Todd had no benefits when he died so, I expect we should be continuing to donate to Todd's memorial fund. Sara has a job but I imagine that Todd was the major wage earner, since Sara works for the Public Schools, hardly a place with fabulous pay. She no doubt has house payments, food to put on the table, medical care for herself and her children, and a need for education for two young children. How could she possibly not need money? Especially when one considers that Todd was out of work for months before he died. I say, keep fundraising.
It's easy to setup an automatic funds transfer from your LANB account to the Kauppilas. You can setup a nominal ammount (I'm in for $100) a month and it's painless. It also avoids the "out of sight, out of mind" problem. Sara's expenses go on, while our attention drifts elsewhere. An automatic transfer helps keep the family going.
Todd's case was by far the saddest of the many cases precipitated by actions taken by Nanos, Foley, and the UC. I am certain that redress for that egregious injustice will be provided by the UC either voluntarily which would alleviate much of the distrust that still lingers here for that organization or forcibly by a writ issued in a court of law. Hopefully, that day of redress will come soon.

However, Todd's was not the only case of scapegoating and abuse. We need to remember those situations as well because for protections provided under NLRA, Section 7, the concerted actions must extend to a group of employees vice a single individual case.
The automated funds transfer is a good thing. I will do that tomorrow. I hope others are inspired to do the same... a little bit from a lot of places (especially if it is ongoing) can make a difference.

I didn't know Todd or his family but I am happy to help bridge them until there is some relief from elsewhere.

I would also be willing to donate to a fund to get a class-action started. I don't know enough about the law at this point to guess how many "aggrieved parties" there needs to be for that or what is a reasonable threshold of "pain" to qualify but I would say that everyone who has quit or is retiring early might be a candidate. Clearly these people felt enough pain to force them to make a big change in their lives.

I'm sure someone is likely to jump in and tell us to get over it and stop whining about now. I'm not having it.

I'm not whining, I am getting over it. But I still stand strong with those who suffered more than I did or had fewer options.

I'll do my job everyday, including trying to make things better than they were before Pete kicked our feet out from under us, and I'll also contribute to Todd's family and to any fund set up to pursue legal relief for his family and the many others who have suffered unduly.
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