Saturday, May 14, 2005

How to donate to Todd Kauppila Memorial Fund

From Anonymous:

It is easy to make a donation to the memorial fund over the Internet if you have LANB access banking - just log in to your LANB account and order a funds transfer from your account to LANB account 32268720. It's quick and painless.

I believe that you need to use the full account number in order for the funds transfer process on LANL's ACCESS Banking to work properly (i.e. in this case 00-322687-20).

To Sarah, and your children, you are in our prayers. I hope you are able to find peace in your hearts, and justice in your lives.

God bless you.
My wife sent a check in today, perhaps if enough of us act we can make a significant difference.
I David Kauppila would like to thank you all. John Horne,Bill,Tom,and everyone for helping out my famly. I would like to reach the new director of the labs and talk to him. Please direct this message to him, or give him my Email David
Thank you,
David Kauppila
To the family of Todd Kauppila:

Your husband (and father) was and will always remain a hero in our eyes. He paid the highest price you can pay in this life for personal integrity. If only there were more people at Los Alamos with courage like his, it would be a far better place.

Please accept our contribution to Todd's Memorial Fund and our deepest condolences. We knew Todd for such a short time, but he will be in our hearts always.

-Brad and Kathy Holian
Is there a way for someone that does not work at LANL could send a contribution? Please tell me how.
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