Saturday, May 28, 2005

Gov. Urges LANL Employees to Hang On

Gov. Urges LANL Employees to Hang On

By Adam Rankin
Journal Staff Writer

Gov. Bill Richardson told Los Alamos National Laboratory employees to "keep their powder dry," urging them not to make any hasty retirement decisions before the full details of the next lab management contract are clear.

"It's in America's interest to retain these scientists," he said.

Retirement rates at LANL are already projected to be at least 50 percent higher this year than previous years, largely due to employee uncertainty over the lab contract competition.

Richardson, speaking at a Los Alamos town hall meeting on Friday, said he favors the University of California and Bechtel National team over the Lockheed Martin and University of Texas team as the next LANL manager, primarily because of their scientific and technology background.

"I think it is the strongest proposal," he said, adding, "I think eventually politicians have to take sides."


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READ THIS CAREFULLY. Richardson states that UC/BXWT has the "STRONGEST
PROPOSAL." As far as I know, none of the proposals have been completed. How
can he make this statement?
It's either an error in reporting (imagine!) or I suspect the Guv misspoke, or was taken out of the context of proposed management teams.
No, neither of the above. Just a politician looking ahead to the next election. Just a guy, now Guv, who, when Energy Secretary, decreed a certain number of DoE vehicles must be alternative fuel. So, GSA provided a bunch of Ford rangers (useful for a lot tasks around the Lab when gasoline-fueled) which had such a load of batteries the payload was only a couple of hundred pounds. Not only that, they were in Albq 1/3 of the time for repairs. There are now unused charging stations all over the Lab as reminders. It was just a nice late spring day in northern NM. Good day to be out getting his picture taken.
This INFURIATES me. Richardson skwered us during Lee case and the hard drive incident and demonstrated amply that he didn't give a flying rat's ass about science at LANL or our wellbeing. He wasn't much better than Nanos. We were an embarassing impediment to his political ambitions. Bill, if you run for president, I'll do everything in my power to keep you from the Oval Office, you greedy, inconsistent, self centered political opportunist.
With the Guv supporting UC/BXWT, now we know for certain that we should hope (pray) for UT/LM!
I agree with 08:34. Richardson lost my support and earned my contempt 5 summers ago.
I completely agree that the Gov will do anything to further his career. His treatment of LANL staff during his tenure as Sec DOE was horrible, particulary during the investigations. He threw us to the wolves in the slim hope it would preserve his chances for a spot on the ticket.

It will be interesting to see what information he may have leaked to the media for his own gain while DOE Sec. He may pay a political price for that, at least in NM.
Of course politicians do what is expedient for their career. If what they do happens to agree with what we want, I don't see why anyone should complain...
This is the guy who called Nanos his friend and applauded the shutdown. Now he's figured out what future New Mexico history books would write about him - the guy who was governor and did nothing when DOE decided to eliminate Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Did anyone ask any questions? Such as, "What do you think of the way UC treated Todd and John"?
Question: Are there any LANL employees stupid enough to take advice from Richardson?
Given the number of LANL employees who seem disposed to blindly supporting UC in their bid for the contract, I'd have to say "yes", 6:58.
Richardson was certainly entertaining but always comes across as a snake oil salesman. He spoke with knowledge of events and positions that have not been created, the mark of a charlatan, and reflected on a history shaped benevolently by the chisel of his own self-serving memory, the mark of a politician. Part of the chiseled away history might be the tongue-lashing in 2000 that he received from his fellow partisan, Senator Richard Byrd of West Virginia, "…you would never again receive the support of the Senate of the United States for any office to which you might be appointed. You have squandered your treasure, and I am sorry."
5/28/2005 02:36:03 PM recalled Richardson called Nanos his 'friend'.

I've observed politicians have 'friends' and 'good friends' who are not like the friends we would have.

Politicians' friends help them achieve their political objectives, curry favor for the politican with others, send them on expensive junkets on the corporate jet, and buy them expensive meals and parties. Politicans cynically insist to us voters that their 'friends' don't receive special treatment in the law making process.

This was the spirit in which Nanos was Richardson's 'friend.'

The other thing about politicians' friends is that they're gone and forgotten in, well, a Nano-second, if it is necessary for protecting or furthering their political ambitions.

So that's what we've got here now. Richardson, who hasn't had a single helping-hand for LANL in the last six years or more, now shows up to glad-hand the employees who showed up to watch and prop up his 'friends' at UC.

If UC doesn't win, they won't be Richardson's friends anymore, since they have nothing to offer his political ambitions, at least in NM.

We elected the politicians who manipulated and used the Laboratory for their own gains, but they do not serve us. They serve their friends.

Remember that at the next election.
Whatever you think of Richardson, one thing he said rang true to me .... mobilize, organize....storm offices (well maybe not storm offices :-).
I see posts on the blog suggesting that maybe we, the employees (and retirees) could use some legal help. That is unless you think that the legal teams of UC, Bechtol, and Lockheed have the best interests of employees and retirees in mind.
Right now, given the short time frame, the only employee organization that COULD represent employees is UPTE.
I know many of you are anti union, anti UPTE, anti who is in UPTE, anti some of the stuff reported that UPTE officers have supposed to have said. And if Lockheed gets the contract,although the right to organize will remain, UPTE most probably goes away. But right now, UPTE is what we got. And the more of you who join, the more the flavor of the organization changes and becomes yours. An UPTE of the present. An organization that could provide legal assistance, address some of the vague parts of the RFP, represent employee interests.
As a former President of UPTE, I know the potential is there.
I am also exploring the possibility of other types of employee advocacy groups that could represent different Lab series employees, but we are kind of all in this together. I guess my roots are showing.
Sue Chasen

How many current LANL employees are dues-paying members of UPTE?

This question has been asked so many times, and gone unanswered just as many times. I don't see the point of concealing this information. How are we supposed to trust UPTE if they won't provide information requested by the employees they allegedly represent?
Richardson is the governor of this state and he has an attorney general, Patricia Madrid. Where were they when a California institution, the University of California, acting extraterritorially, was abusing the citizens of the State of New Mexico. They knew about the situations and elected either not to read the e-mails sent to them or to ignore them altogether. I suspect the latter.

Action on part of our elected officials would have been preferable to words.
I am not an officer of UPTE now and have not been on the board for over 2 years. In fact I have been a very INACTIVE member.Ihave no acesstothat number. HOWEVER, first thing Tuesday, I will ask the board their feelings on revealing that number. Is is not more important how many members the organization will have in two weeks, a month, rather than ground zero?
My message is that UPTE is the only mechanism in place that we have to organize around. If how many members it has NOW is the deciding factor....? Maybe however I am missing something.

I would welcome discussion here on the pros and cons of organizing. If the American Association of University Professors were to establish a chapter here, after all we are a 'campus' would TSMs be more inclined to join that? What would that do for SSMs, Techs. Admins?

UPTE is not the answer and never will be. Sue Chasen would appear to be denying that Manny Trujillo made some of those statements. UPTE has had many chances to tell us how many dues paying members there are.

UPTE looks very deceptive to me.
Please dont put words in my mouth, especially when you don't identify yourself. My points are:
1: I think we should organize
2: UPTE is an EXISTING mechanism
What Manny might have said or not said is not in the whole scheme of things an issue with me. I have no idea about that How many current members is not important to me. Obviously both these things are important to some of you. If those things prevent you from using the existing tool and maybe molding it into something better,fine. If you dont want to discuss/debate other potential tools...fine.
I will be retiring with the old enough/been here long enough bunch. I am only suggesting options. If you are going to slam me for this...I guess all I can do is wish you good luck.

Here's what Richardson said about Nanos last fall (from Monitor). I assume they are still "good friends" and he fully supports the shutdown.

Richardson calls for elimination of NNSA

CAROL A. CLARK,, Monitor Staff Writer

Gov. Bill Richardson addressed chamber business members and civic leaders this morning about his opposition to the existence of the National Nuclear Safety Administration.


"I want to recognize my good friend Pete Nanos," Richardson said.

Nanos was standing in the back of the room.

"Pete is doing a good job - and if it helps for me to denounce you Pete - I can do that."

Richardson commended Nanos for being on tract in addressing the recent security problems at the lab and for implementing the work stand down.

"The stand down has been in place for some six weeks now and it needs to continue for as long as necessary," Richardson said.
Politicians can be on all sides of every issue. Governors with aspirations for national office can turn this attribute into a fourth or even fifth dimensional exercise.

I vote for standing down politicians.
Crab. I don't know why this guy doesn't support us. Crab. Crab.
Richardson knows we never voted for him and I suspect that very little money comes his way from Los Alamos. He can "support" UC all he wants but he will get a bonaza when Lockheed takes over. Poor guy must be really conflicted :)
Richardson is an idiot. He espouses the flavor of the day for his own purposes. He then had the mendacity to stand there and preach to us. And whats with the employees asking him questions regarding child care, 9/80 etc. How stupid is that?
I think that it is unfair to call Richardson an idiot. He is smart enough to get elected Governor.

What Richardson is, however, is a liar, asshole, and an anti-anglo bigot.
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