Monday, May 02, 2005

Got the following from a retiree who is back as a consultant:

From Anonymous:

Got the following from a retiree who is back as a consultant:

I was up at the Lab Friday. Rumors are many and rampant but one that seems universal, and credited openly to people in high places on the third and fourth floors who might know, is that UC has decided to dump Nanos in the next week or so to try and salvage their bid for the contract. Some say they will bring in an interim team with folks from LLNL.

Congratulations for structuring the issue within the emerging blog culture. Looks like this is going to be The Next Big Issue that will reinforce blog's influence on media in general.

I look forward to seeing where this goes, and hope the lab's long-term future - and that of the great people who work there - is bolstered by the fact that this discussion is now taking place here.
Yes, I was wondering how one would use a credit card on your site to purchase, say, 500 nuclear warheads. You can reach me at the folowing email address:
Now what will become of the heads of all Nanos' big rocks?
Actually, Osama 5/2/2005 11:10:48 AM, you would be better buying them from the Syrians. That's where Sadam's WMDs went - and they're more than happy to deal with a fellow Muslim.
It's quite a shame that UC has burned through so much of its goodwill at the Lab. A year ago, I thought I was the only person who was eager for a change of management. Now, it seems that perhaps more people are in favor of LM/UT than UC. You really have to screw up badly to uproot such deep loyalty, but several months of "reign of terror," threatened mass purges, and slanderous accusations seem to have done the trick. I don't see what UC can do now to regain credibility.
To 5/2/2005 06:49:06 PM:
I agree that UC messed up the Los Alamos contract but it doesn't seem any less credible to me than the other contractors who are bidding. Nor do I know of a single person who wants to work for LockMart/UT. You wouldn't be a Lockheed person indulging in a little wishful thinking would you?
Didn't you read the stuff earlier on the blog about sexual harassment and other problems with UT? And who wants to work for a contractor who will bring order by cutting all the employees' benefits? Nobody I know of.
UC still looks like the best option to most of us at LANL. Why do you think so many people plan to retire by July 1? and another wave in August and September?
Benefits will be cut no matter who gets the contract. That was one of the the reasons for bringing in a hatchet man like Nanos. I think the severe damage he caused to national security was an unintended consequence. It's amazing what people will do to get their hands on the purse strings of a $26 Billion dollar retirement fund.

There's a limit as to what kind of abuse I'm willing to put up with for fear of potentially losing benefits. You take that line of reasoning very far and you arrive, functionally, at prostitution. As for UT sexual harassment claims, well, we've got plenty of people on this blog making similar (unsubstantiated) claims about LANL managers.

I worked in industry most of my career before coming to LANL (but not for LM). UC cannot count on unsubstantiated fears dominating my thinking.

You must not be talking with many people, I know many who have left LANL to work for LM at Sandia. And yes I wouldn't mind working for UT/LM it certainly can't be any worse than UC. I now work for LANL not LM.
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