Sunday, May 01, 2005

Getting Nanotized down there?

From Anonymous:

Getting Nanotized down there? Then take a look on what Pete Nanos did to the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Newport, RI! It is interesting that wherever Pete goes, the established experts leave and the contractors move in. For Nanos, the end justifies the means and it appears the end for him is money.

I would encourage better documentation of the events of what is going on in terms of specifics, and compare notes.

Take some time to review with counsel Caselaw
I also would like more specifics. Are you talking about the 50+% outsourcing that occured at NUWC. I believe that similar outsourcing has occurred all over the DOD laboratory structure to the detriment of all such laboratories.
The comment refers to Nanos and his 'yes-men' at NAVSEA's vindictive purge of NUWC's SES and senior scientist leaders and bureaucratic actions to quell scientific innovation in favor of converting the Navy's laboratories into SYSCOM job-shops. 'Do what you are told, do not discuss or question OR you'll be destroyed' -- his mantra.
Significant exodus and a demoralized, toxic culture is his legacy at this once high performing organization.
More details about this story would be very much appreciated. Be specific, and explain your acronymns. What exactly happened out there?
This question-comment hits the nail right on the head. Nanos was brought in by the Bush administration to pave the way for a `corporate renaissance' (see
nns02/nns020624.txt) in order that the likes of Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman take the reins. This would, incidentally, be a death knell for basic research in fundamental sciences at my old Theory Division, for example.
Your commentators apparently know nothing about what really happened at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Newport, RI. To find out the basics, you need to search out an article about Newport and the Navy in an MIT Sloan School publication sometime in the past 2-3 years. Based on that article, what you all are claiming about Pete Nanos appears to have actually been brought on by the arrogance and hubris of Newport leaders and scientists. It is distressing that intellectuals of such high expected character as we citizens expect of you at Los Alamos have slipped to the level of a blog - chatting in a fact-free environment. Government Privacy Act policy prohibits your direct knowledge of the Newport details. Go read the MIT Sloan School article.
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