Saturday, May 14, 2005

Foley, BWXT

From Anonymous:

In January 2004, Foley was going to bring in BWXT to manage "operations" functions. There were going to be about 50 of these guys on board of which about 18 were going to be at DDL level. They began showing up in mid-Jan. We got one in our Division even though we had two DDLs at the time.

These guys stayed about three weeks before DOE figured out that this had been done. This was going to cost ~$20M and had been sole-sourced. There was no justification for the sole-source procurement.

SO, the BWXT guys quietly departed and nothing more was said.

We suspected that Foley must have some old Navy buddies at BWXT.

Yes, it was well known they were placed in DX and NMT anywhere else?
There was another one in FWO aka FM Div.
This is but one more example of Sly Foley's managerial prowess. God help us!
Do a google search on 'BWXT plus Admiral' and you get 179 hits. That is enough said.
There was another one briefly in RRES.
All of these contractors are heavy in Admirals.. because NNSA is heavy in Admirals.. and the general logic is that you want to have a fellow Admiral to get in on any deals. I still admire the naievte(sp) of LANL bloggers who seem to wake up every morning to say "Why are all these admirals running the shop?" like they didnt know it was happening 10 years ago.

Face it, you work for Admirals because the Navy does Nukes. They need them for their ships and their submarine fleet of missle launchers. If the Navy doesnt do Nukes.. then you can kiss 1.7 Billion of the lab funding bye-bye because Congress will have no reason for the national labs anymore.

The typical congressman is more worried about what will get him re-elected than what will solve the worlds energy crisis etc in 20 years. That means that if a choice is between a closing of a military base or some other sweetheart deal in his district.. and some national lab in bum-fum New Mexico, he will vote no to DOE and yes to that..

And with a shrinking tax base and the goal of a conservative Federal govt and budget.. you are going to have fewer dollars here UNLESS you can make it important every 2 years.

If people are unable to accept this fact, then they really need to find a job in a less stressful industry.. (or convince a majority of voting americans differently.)
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