Thursday, May 05, 2005

The federal government is refusing to pay for some of the costs

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4 p.m. May 5, 2005

There’s word from Washington that the federal government is refusing to
pay for some of the costs associated with last year’s shutdown of
operations at the Los Alamos national lab.

Los Alamos suspended work after reports two computer disks with classified
material had disappeared. An investigation later concluded they never
existed. Nuclear security investigator Jerry Paul told a congressional
committee today that the majority of the stand-down costs should be
reimbursed to the University of California. But he says the energy
department isn’t going to pay the university for more than $14 mnillion in
salary costs.

That committee met to discuss the range of problems at Los Alamos.
Representative Bart Stupak of Michigan asked who would fix the lab if the
director leaves, as is widely rumored.

The committee says they’ll call Los Alamos officials to a later hearing.

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As usual, congress is contradictory. On one hand they are refusing to pay the full cost of the shut down. On the other, congress says our management "gets it". Wasn't it our management shut the lab down????
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