Sunday, May 29, 2005

Englewood firm a finalist to run Los Alamos lab

Englewood firm a finalist to run Los Alamos lab
By Ian Hoffman
The Oakland Tribune

CH2M Hill, the Englewood engineering and environmental company that helped dismantle and clean up the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant, is now in a runoff to manage the birthplace of the atomic age, the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.

More than a dozen defense and engineering contractors and universities jockeyed for a shot at running the $2.2 billion-a-year laboratory, which had been beset with a series of high- profile lapses in security, safety and financial control.


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How can this firm be considered a finalist? They haven't even submitted a proposal yet. This is yet another example of the incompetence of the press.
When you only have two bidders, they're both finalists.
UC/BWXT and UT/LM are NOT the only two bidders. There may be this Edgewood outfit and we can never rule out Concerned Citzens for Nuclear Safety
Read the story! CH2M Hill is part of the Lockheed Martin team.
Yet another hog at the trough!
BWXT and CH2M are equally hopeless. The same applies to Lockheed and Bechtel, as well as Grumman. They are loosers inflated with easy money they get as almost monopolists, awarded by government with contracts becasue of lack of better alternatives. LANL is to some extend in similar position, and the only factor that makes it not to slip to the same kind of misery is contact with real world science represented by UC. We have to push for more academic contacts for LANL, no less, if it is to stay what it was, a leading scientific institution in the world.
Confused Citizens for Nuclear Stupidity!
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