Monday, May 09, 2005

Dr. Pete Nanos joins DTRA Team!

From: Tegnelia, James (Jim) CIV, Director
Sent: Fri 5/6/2005 12:51 PM
Subject: Dr. Pete Nanos joins DTRA Team!

I am pleased to announce that Dr. G. Peter (Pete) Nanos will be joining
DTRA in the next few weeks to help us plan and administer research and
development directions. Dr. Nanos, a retired Navy vice admiral, is a
tremendous resource for the agency and we are most fortunate in being
able to tap his capabilities.
Dr. Nanos brings a wealth of science and technology experience to DTRA's
extant and new missions. Prior to assuming the leadership of Los Alamos
National Laboratory, one of the nation's premier nuclear weapon
laboratories, he was LANL's principal deputy for Threat Reduction,
responsible for the Biosciences, Decision Applications, and
Nonproliferation and International Security divisions. Dr. Nanos came
to Los Alamos from the U.S. Navy where he commanded the Naval Sea
Systems Command.

As DTRA continues to expand into new mission areas-especially with the
U.S. Strategic Command's Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction
assignment- I look forward to Pete's integration of science and
technology into our full-range of national security tasks. He is not a
stranger to our mission, operations and many of our people. He will
bring the same vision and sense of purpose that he has shown in each of
his previous positions. His wealth of contacts in the Department of
Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration, and the departments of
State and Defense will serve us well.

As I have said before, we have a lot of work to do to fulfill our
current mission and all future challenges, and to have Pete-a sailor,
scientist and patriot-join our team is an exciting addition.

Please join me in welcoming Dr. Pete Nanos to the Defense Threat
Reduction Agency!

James A. Tegnelia

Tegnelia is obviously a wonderful team player who, like our admiral, will go far.

That truth and the nation's real security are neither served nor honored through this enthusiastic announcement is not surprising but continues, for fundamentally noncynical people like me, to be disappointing. SOS, in both senses.
Yeah, I hear that when Rumsfeld saw the NY Times article he said: "Great, is this guy even qualified to handle FOIA requests and approve travel. I sent Younger back - where does Los Alamos find these *%$&*?

I hear that Pete is getting less than $200,000 in salary. Guess he won't be keeping his Director's salary.
Items 3 and 4 in this note go into some detail on the DTRA problems, and the SES-posturing. Take note of the GAO report, and contrast the DTRA-problems with Nano's management style -- a not so perfrect storm.
How about his "Golden" parachute with UC? And if UC buys his house here?

Todd Kauppila died of a massive heart attack at the Kauppila home on
Sunday afternoon.

Todd worked in DX-3 and was fired by Pete Nanos last summer for the
"missing CREM" incident.

No details as yet on funeral arrangements.

Please keep Sara, Tia and John in your thoughts and prayers.

A bank account has been opened at LANB for the family's needs.

Way to go Pete. I'm sure you had no small part in generating the stress that did Todd in. Don't let the door hit your butt as you pass the Gates of Hell!
LANL management killed this man – just to prove a point to congress. I’m sure that they are justifying their actions to themselves as we speak. I heard the responsible acting Div. leader a few months back - and the conversation revolved around the fact that there were no disks. But he was (in my mind, disgustingly) proud of his actions.
If there is any doubt in your mind that the LAB bears responsibility for Todd’s great stress- read the following exchange from March- Lab Legal is probably breaking out the bubbly ....

How very sad.
rePost from March blog:
From Anonymous:

There are several people with fairly good reason to sue the Lab for its recent behaviors. Perhaps this scenario will help them plan ahead.
Prevailing against a 2 billion dollar entity may be next to impossible. The Lab lawyers will unfairly try to win by running you out of money and driving you crazy.( Nanos was telling the truth.) Their lawyers are on a payroll and win when you go away. Most would not take this type of case on contingincy...

Based on a true story:
1. They will let you hire a lawyer, pay them for $200 an hour for several months work, then get them disqualified. You will have to start over with a new lawyer and new money.
2. They will ask for a continuance time after time, just to run up your fees.
3. They will change venue, disqualify judges, and/or move to federal court.
4. They will deposition half the town (say 200 people most of whom you have never heard of) so that you must pay your lawyer many thousands to sit in on long court interviews.
5. They will try so many stalling tricks that even a New Mexico judge will order them to stop.
6. They probably even do research on how much money you might be able to come up with.
7. You will need to mortgage your house, drain your savings, maybe even borrow against your retirement.....
7. They will, of course, tell horrible, hurtful lies about you in court and in documents.
8. But if you can ever actually get to court, they might offer you a settlement 5 minutes before the proceedings start or halfway thru if it is going badly for them. ( the Lab does not like to be in the news)
9. If they settle, they will have a gag order so that you can't tell anyone anything about it.

My friend who went thru this is like a cancer survivor- a year or more of pure hell. Good Luck.
Original comments:

I can assure everybody the authors account is completely true. I am up to step four in my case costing already tens of thousands of dollars. The only time I hear from Lab legal is when they self grant another extension in the process. I have written a chilling account of the timeline of my quest to simply get to an unbiased arbitration hearing where truth will finally be told. I readers think this may be worthy of a post I will.
Todd Kauppila
# posted by Anonymous : 3/5/2005 10:41:50 AM

Please, Todd, do post it.

Others are attempting arbitration also and it may serve all of us well.

Hang in there and at least know many of us thank you for all of your hard work, creative efforts and past sacrifices, not to mention your integrity and courage.
# posted by Anonymous : 3/5/2005 11:29:41 AM

Yes, Todd, you MUST post your experiences, and they must be published in the Monitor and sent to the wireservices and to our Congressional delegation. The only way to make LANL legal, HR, and the Director play fair is for everyone to know what's going on. I personally know that the Monitor and the AP wireservices are monitoring the blog on a daily basis.

And please let us know if the DX legal fund account at LANB is still active. Many of us want to contribute to that fund.
# posted by Anonymous : 3/5/2005 06:23:23 PM
End of posts copied from March 2005
Being that he was fired from UC, I worry whether Todd even had any life
insurance policy. If not, his family could be in dire straits. I know
they were spending part of their money just on lawyer fees. Both Lab
management and UC should be very ashamed of their behavior in this matter.
Todd and his family didn't deserve to be treated this way.
Hearing about Todd's death is just heartbreaking;will LANL and UC do the RIGHT THING now for his family?
Lab Management, top to bottom, have plenty to be ashamed of in this situation. My heart goes out to Sara and those poor children. Is this the community we all wanted? Shame on you Pete Nanos. Shame on you for your self-centered, scapegoat tactics. Shame on you for "Tell Pete." Shame on you for your "expensive Government lawyers". Shame on you for your arrogant "...that SOB will never work here again." comments. Shame on you for never seeking the truth. Shame on you for rating ordinary, hard working people as "C-students, buttheads, cowboys, morons, below average, etc." Shame on you for promoting those whos only real demonstrated talent was protecting you from the truth. Shame on you for bringing shame onto all of us here. I am disgusted with you Pete Nanos and all you represent.
Todd Kauppila will be remembered as the man who proved that Pete Nanos is a fool. For that he lost his job and yesterday his life.
Talked to Sara (Todd's widow) today and she is holding up well. She is worried about money - not sure that Todd had life insurance. Please contribute to the account at LANB. Sara works at the High School and they and John's Boy Scout troop set this up today. Family is in town. A family service is tommorrow and Sara is planning something for the community later in the week. Please attend if you can and show her your wonderful community support! She needs us all right now. What a tragedy!
This message is for you, Pete Nanos, and for your lackeys in the upper LANL management. It is for you, Linton Brooks, Kyle McSlarrow, Robert Foley, the people who actively assisted and encouraged the criminal conduct of Pete Nanos...

Todd had the courage to take all of you on, even as Robert Dynes (Mr. "Help me help you help me help you...") and Pete Dominici (Mr. "Get over it, you grousers"), the people with a lot more power who could have something, shamefully chickened out.

Todd has won. The entire world can now see your shameful, despicable conduct for what it really was.

Todd has won, but at what terrible price!
8:04 said it just right. What a pathetic and sad place Los Alamos has become, spurred by a group of mean-spirited, self-serving so-called leaders who have created a truly toxic environment for employees. How many LANL staff members have been retaliated against, demoted, threatened, or forced to resign for speaking the truth? Todd's is the worst case and his plight was without a doubt the result of horrible stress that LANL management put him through.
When a person from security that had direct dealings with Todd was told of this tragic death she actually cheered I was there. She should be fired or at least demoted.
And people criticize participants of this blog for unprofessional behavior. Maybe they do need to shut down LANL, if that security person represents the quality of employee there.
If you actually witnessed someone from the Security Office cheering on
news of Todd's death, then let's have her name. I think we deserve to
know the name of this miscreant.
Sadly, having interacted with "Security" personnel at LANL, I am not surprised that one of them would cheer at Todd death. I myself did encounter a hostile and resentful attitude towards technical staff. Many "security" people at LANL seem to have a subculture of their own, very different from the rest of the Lab.
Nanos ranted like a lunatic about the lack of safety at this Lab, however,
it was the fear and stress he created that was the real safety issue. We
finally have a safety fatality at LANL, thanks to Pete. It was Todd.
Sara, sorry to hear of Todd's death. My heart goes out to you and your family.

I'm concerned that security appears to have demonstrated the same callousness [again] as George.

For those of you who are involved in litigation, negotiations, or seeking assistance with discovery, here are some identifying information on the documents, computers, and message traffic at DOE and DTRA. This will help identify specific individuals and offices where the personnel files and message traffic exists.

The message traffic has plenty of intercepts and overlaps with security.

Again, I'm sorry to hear about Todd and wish Sara and the family well during this most agonizing time.
Regarding the 5/10/2005 10:39:47 AM comment: If true, then I think that some heads need to role in S Division. These security guys are too often ex-cops or ex-military. They have a "all citizens are perps" mentality.
cops and crooks, a thin between the two. look at Alb's evidents program.
5/10/2005 01:39:41 PM

I believe you are probably referring to people in S-Div. I don't believe PTLA was involved.
Any person that cheers the death of someone's father and husband is sick and needs prompt psychiatric help. She for sure does not belong in a Human Reliability Program and certainly does not belong in Security Division.
This was one person in S-Division as I understand it and certainly did not involve PTLA.
I wondered how Nanos could walk in off the street and land a high Federal job. Now word from a good friend at DTRA explains everything. Nanos will not be a Federal employee but a University of California employee on assignment under the Interagency Personnel Act. It appears that Admiral Foley, who has turned his back on justice and fairness, has managed to protect his comrade-in-arms again. While we will be put through the contractual wringer, Nanos will have his UC employment regardless of the outcome of UC bid for Los Alamos. Why does the word "conspracy" come to mind? While I'm speculating, I believe the IPA arrangement means the UC did not have to buy Nanos' house or may not have given Nanos a golden parachute. The irony in any case is that some thirty victims of Nanos are paying their attorneys, suffering, and now dying from the abusive actions of George P. Nanos, Jr. Meanwhile Nanos, the bully, is getting royal treatment from Foley's office. I'm sorry but this situation reminds me of what the Soviet Union was like before the fall of the Berlin Wall,. nomenclature living like entitled tsars while the citizens were slaves laboring within a system of abuse and deprivation. This is not the America that my ancestors and I fought and in some cases died for. It is not the America that Los Alamos has worked so diligently and brilliantly to defend. However, it is exactly how President Dynes and UCOP's Foley are managing Los Alamos and it is why I'm looking forward to UC losing both the Los Alamos and Livermore contracts.
I wonder what salary Nanos would be receiving from UC under a possible
IPA at DTRA. The position calls for something around the $180 K level.
Will UC be paying him considerably more? Was this part of a "buy-off"
strategy to get him to leave LANL quietly, and with little or no financial
risk on his part? If any of this is true, then I will be working
diligently as a staff member at LANL to see that UC has NO CHANCE of
getting the new contract. It may also be time to start filing some FOIA
paperwork to find out just what is behind the DTRA "job offer" for Nanos.
Looking closely at the DTRA memo, I notice it states:

"I am pleased to announce that Dr. G. Peter (Pete) Nanos will
be joining DTRA in the next few weeks"

It doesn't say "Nanos has accepted a position" or "Nanos has been hired as",
but the more ambiguous and weaker phrase of: "Nanos will be joining (us)".
Perhaps it is true that Nanos is simply using UC's IPA vehicle to keep his
generous salary and UC employment status while appearing to take a new job
at DTRA. This deserves some very close scrutiny.
Regarding the 5/10/2005 11:47:10 PM comment: "Say it isn't so!"

The thought of Admiral Butthead still being on the LANL payroll at a salary of $348,800 is a nightmare.

Indeed, this does merit closer scrutiny.
Whatever salary Nanos will be recieving in DTRA as an IPA (or an employee) will be less than the salary he had as director. He would of course, being on an IPA, get the special add-ons for the higher cost-of-living in DC. Regardless, having the former-Director sitting on another person's watch will be a step in the right direction.
Hey Pete, how many people do you plan to kill at DTRA?
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