Saturday, May 14, 2005

Director Nanos leaving

From the May 6 LANL NewsBulletin:

May 6, 2005

Director Nanos leaving

Even before the official announcement of Director Nanos leaving the Lab, I noticed a marked improvement in the overall morale of Laboratory employees over the rumor of the director leaving. In my 51 plus years on this Earth I have never seen the exodus of one person cause such a marked change in the attitudes of employees like the exodus of Director Nanos has. I am praying that the interim director and the new director will exhibit real true leadership skills.

--Jerry Antos

The Director is leaving, and the official LANL Newsbulletin treats this
story by placing a small article about Nanos' leaving on the bottom
left of their front page. Pete, this is the type of thing an organization
does when they are embarrassed by their former leader. Your leaving rates
nothing more than a very small story in the LANL bulletin. That speaks
volumes, doesn't it?

By the way, Pete was a '67 freshman of the Naval Academy. According to
a Class of 67 web post, Pete has a personal E-mail account at:

Note that the Nanos family keeps their web page over at the address:

I post this in case any of you like to send Pete a "going-away" message,
though I can't guarantee whether the E-mail account is still active. It was
active on Oct' 02 when the USNA Class of 67 web page was posted at:

Note that Admiral Foley is USNA Class of 50. That puts Foley at an age
of around 73. I don't think this old geezer is going to be around much
longer. Even if UC wins the contract, his days are numbered.
They keep saying that about Fidel Castro too.
The "for sale" signs are finally real at Nano's house. In the paper it has it at $895,000, featuring 6+ bathrooms.
Nanos needed a bunch of bathrooms to handle the large amount of crap
that was emitted from his body.
That house will most definitely need to be "purified" from bad spirits
before it can be lived in again. Perhaps some of our native friends
can help with the purification rituals. Frankly, if Nanos really owns
this house, I'm hoping it sits on the market for a very long time. That
would be more than fair, seeing as how he has destroyed a large part of
the current housing market on the Hill.
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