Thursday, May 05, 2005

Congress blames bloggers

From Constant's pations blog, found here.

Congress blames bloggers

Congressional oversight? Not at all.

Congress has gotten into the Nanos-defense game. It all started long ago, when the Cold War ended. No longer was the US willing to spend the money needed to get the job done right.

The years of neglect culminated in 9-11 and continue today.

Yet what was most telling during the recent hearing was who stood up for DoD. Was it the evil DHS or DoJ that came to Nanos' rescue?

Not at all.
QUOTE: Colo. Congresswomen [stet] Diana DeGette was more explicit in placing the blame on the bloggers as representing the "culture of noncompliance." "Management gets it," she said. "I've got the blog right here. Page after page of anonymus people complaining like high school students. Gee, I don't like Nanos I wish he would go to hell.ENDQUOTE
I recently read a similarly well-articulated position.

Indeed, the very "leadership" which needs to get to bottom of things has done a typical DC-180-turn.

Throw the attention onto those who dare speak.

That's not leadership. It's more of the same DC-speak which precipitated 9-11.

Clearly Congresswoman DeGette didn't read this list of questions. If the Congresswoman has the time to read a blog full of "whiny" comments [which is another matter, they're not], then obviously her staff has the time to read something containing more substance.

We eagerly await her response:

  • Will the Committee dare ask any of the questions posted on the blog?

  • Will Congressman DeGette actually read the contents of the blog?

  • Why so quick to blame the messenger at a time when the messenger is the only catalyst for Congressional oversight?

    Congratulations DC, you exceeded my expectations. I was expecting you to take quite a while to show your true colors.

    The nation can soundly sleep, knowing the failed management practices which prompted UC to remove Nanos are thriving in the halls of Congress.

    Beware of bloggers!

  • Comments:
    Bill makes a good point. However, the actions of some Members of Congress show that they seem to have forgotten the document that gave us due process, freedom of expression, the pursuit of happiness, and basic liberties. Ironically at a time when young Americans are dying to defend freedom overseas, certain MCs have chosen to mock and belittle other Americans who are exercising and defending those same principles at home. Why should we be surprised? It is a sad fact of history that members of that august body sometimes chose to overlook the very evils they are sworn to prevent. Any MC that defends the waste of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars caused by the ill-advised stand down at Los Alamos, that defends the denial of due process to American citizens, and that denigrates Americans who exercise their freedom of expression to uncover waste, fraud and abuse, does not deserve the respect of the people who elected them. The indisputable facts are that (1) the blog did not misappropriate Federal money, not one dollar; (2) the blog did not scapegoat innocent employees; (3) the blog did not deny due process to persons accused of wrongdoing; (4) the blog did not brag that tax dollars were being used to bankrupt American citizens who were only pursuing venues of equity and fairness; (5) the blog did not engage in favoritism in promotion; (6) the blog did not cover up security infractions by senior laboratory executives; and (7) the blog did not threaten retaliation against worker for exercising their legal rights. The blog did report in full accordance with the Constitution and the National Labor Relations Act the seven preceding indiscretions committed by others. In which camp should Members of Congress pitch their tents of support? I respectfully ask that question and then proceed to rest my case.
    I have to say that I am very very
    proud to be part of this blog no matter what happens. We speak the truth, and the truth will set us fee. At least we have dignity and spoke up for the truth. The truth will always serve our nation and help people all over the world. The fact that in the US you get to speak the truth through the various media is one of the things that makes us great. I am proud to be an American and a staff member at LANL. I have to say the LANL's record is outstanding just look at the facts and you will see.
    This blog is pushing the anti-nuclear activists in Congress into a more overt posture, so those congresspeople who believe the U.S. needs a robust national defense better get off the "trash LANL" bandwagon and start defending us, or else risk the erosion of the U.S' strategic position.

    LANL has been dying a death of a thousand cuts, so I'm ready to throw down to the nines to make this an explicit national discussion. Rage away, Diana Degette!
    I hope that if Congresspersons Stupak and DeGette and their staffers are reading this, they will look at little closer at the blog and see that it is not only the director, but LANL's upper managers who have lied, cheated, and promoted their favorites to other high level positions not based on merit but on nepotistic practices. For the same reasons, these upper managers have also driven off scores of highly skilled technical staff members in the last couple of years to jobs in academia and private industry. When we try to work within the system at LANL to voice a wrongdoing we are silenced by our superiors or in numerous cases forced out. Promotions or even raises for that matter as well are not at all based on performance at LANL. Women and minorities are still treated like second class citiznes here. Be aware, there are still lots of hardworking talented staff at LANL all the way from the TSM level to the technicians to office adminstrators, but the broken culture, a corrupt favoritism-oriented retaliation culture is real, Congresspeople, and to save this Laboratory from a complete closure I hope you will try to see this. Also to correct a comment made in yesterday's hearing, LANL does not have any Nobel Prize-winning scientists on its staff.
    Congresspersons Stupak and DeGette are clearly oppressive jerks. Were they Navy admirals in their previous lives?

    How can these people oppose freedom of speech?
    Because they are afraid of it, 7:42.
    Keep the spotlights on 'em, and stick to the truth. They'll self destruct.
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