Saturday, May 28, 2005

Competitor insulted by assertions

Physicist, an ex-lab director, rebuts statement that corporations lack ability to do 'real science'
By Ian Hoffman, STAFF WRITER

The head of a team challenging the University of California for command of the birthplace of the bomb is mightily offended by the university's suggestions that corporations such as his employer, Lockheed Martin Corp., lack the ability or integrity to do real science.

C. Paul Robinson, physicist and former Sandia National Laboratories director, lashed back Friday, saying his team was appalled at the lack of competent business practices and focused scientific direction at Los Alamos National Laboratory, run by the University of California since 1943.


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Dr. C. Paul Robinson said:

"There seems to be a great insufficiency of any kind of business processes, and it's showed up again and again in the problems that have come out in the press," Los Alamos executives were inexplicably slow to diagnose and fix the problems.

What do the Los Alamos Executives have to say to this comment? You can tell us now or tell us during the Mid-August oral presentation in Washington........
Notice that when Robinson is attacked, he immediately fights back at the
accusations. I like that. UC and Foley could learn from this man. He
stands up against unfair attacks. I wonder where LANL might be today if
Robinson had been our Director over the last few years?
5/29/2005 12:55:13 AM writes "I wonder where LANL might be today if
Robinson had been our Director over the last few years?"

I suspect we'd be where SNL is now.

Instead, we've been run down repeatedly and have got the tire tracks across our back to prove it.

LANL community members might think real hard about who has been behind the wheel.
I agree with the 5/29/2005 12:55:13 AM poster. A public response by a leader would be a welcome change.

For example, the statement "After a series of high-profile lapses in security, safety and financial control at Los Alamos..." would be more accurately made as "highly-profiled" if the press were called on the carpet by leaders of LANL. It is not to say that nothing happens at Los Alamos but it's become clear that other facilities have incidents which don't make the news reports. Those reports are addressed and sometimes rebutted, clarified or corrected by leaders at those other facilities.

Perhaps academia is not the right type of management organization to respond to the forces of public exposure.
Hey wait just one minute, Foley came out fighting and defended us (or was it the UC) by calling LANL employees inbred, the bad seed, and thin skinned. So who's calling the UC PR machine ineffective.
The UC PR-machine is effective--at scapegoating LANL employees to sheld UC from taking responsibility for its actions and failures to act.

The *LANL* PR-machine is completely ineffective--at publicizing our numerous, ground-breaking achievements, and at defending the institution from the numerous politically motivated and unbalanced attacks.
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