Thursday, May 05, 2005

The blog did not scapegoat innocent employees

Borrowing from a comment on the


[...] Any MC [Member of Congress] that defends the waste of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars caused by the ill-advised stand down at Los Alamos, that defends the denial of due process to American citizens, and that denigrates Americans who exercise their freedom of expression to uncover waste, fraud and abuse, does not deserve the respect of the people who elected them. The indisputable facts are that (1) the blog did not misappropriate Federal money, not one dollar; (2) the blog did not scapegoat innocent employees; (3) the blog did not deny due process to persons accused of wrongdoing; (4) the blog did not brag that tax dollars were being used to bankrupt American citizens who were only pursuing venues of equity and fairness; (5) the blog did not engage in favoritism in promotion; (6) the blog did not cover up security infractions by senior laboratory executives; and (7) the blog did not threaten retaliation against worker for exercising their legal rights. The blog did report in full accordance with the Constitution and the National Labor Relations Act the seven preceding indiscretions committed by others. In which camp should Members of Congress pitch their tents of support? I respectfully ask that question and then proceed to rest my case.

Superbly said. The idiots in Washington now want to showcase the blog as another example of lab rowdiness? What idiots these people truly are! The DC idiots can't understand that the blog has become the last bastion of free speech? The DC idiots can't see that retaliation is a way of life at the lab on all kinds of levels? The DC idiots can't see the degree of damage done by the egomaniacal director who, even in his final speech (one hopes) STILL managed to insult an innocent cadre of workers? This blog is the best thing that's happened to Los Alamos National Lab in the last year!
The idiots in Washington are, by and large, intoxicated with the same rush of power and prestige as those this Blog has exposed.

That's why they hate the Blog. It threatens their Ruling Class as much as Gutenberg's Press.

It is instant, largely uncensored, global in reach, unregulated by government interference (ie: the FCC, or other bureacracies) and almost 100% anonymous.

That's a terrible Ruling Class threat, not just in the context of LANL but the context of society and politics.

US voters should take careful note of the behavior of "our" elected Ruling Class during the LANL disaster, and decide at the next election if you really want to send our incumbents back for more power intoxication.

The reported behavior of Congresspersons duing the LANL committee hearing is inexcusable, petty, group-thinking, pandering politics not driven by facts or rational thought.

Send people to DC next election who will be. Then replace them after one term. It's up to us voters, at least for now...
It's always easier to shoot the messenger than to solve the problems.
Tyrants and Congress will attempt to divert the ruled's attention from the truth whenever possible. Vote independent or libertarian.
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