Monday, May 23, 2005

Bit of hypocrisy


I thought you should post this bit of hypocrisy, penned by the NNSA head who "fully supported Nanos' decision to shut down LANL" and who backed Nanos' claims of deteriorating safety trends at LANL in spite of the well documented proof to the contrary.

Disingenuous and too little, too late. Where was all this support in the past year and, specifically, the recent attacks from Stupak and DeGette.
Well Brooks you have a way of making yourself look more foolish every time you open your mouth.
There are many scientists here that are the best and the brightest in the nation. One of them was Todd Kauppila. A man that dedicated his life to the national security concerns that you mentioned. And what did he get for his service and dedication? You and Nanos destroyed him professionally and ultimately killed him because you "Admirals" are too arrogant to admit your mistakes. There was no reason for any of the events of the last year to have occured except to cover your sorry sixes. Don't think that
a few flowery words will ever cause us to forget the travesty that you, Nanos, and Foley have presided over. The three of you are a national disgrace. You have already shown us what you really think of us and actions speak much louder than the empty words you penned here.

John N. Horne
Mr. Brooks, I hope that some day you fully realize what damage you have done to this nation's security by your incompetent "leadership". Your endless support of bullies and liars (Nanos and Foley) is indefensible.
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