Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Believe it or not there was good news

From Anonymous:

Believe it or not there was good news to come out of Monday's "Meet The New LANL Director" meeting. Foley, egotistical entity that he is, underestimated the visibility that his abusive actions would enjoy. Not only did a large fraction of the entire staff of LANL see him for what he really is (substitute your own apt, witty simile here) but, thanks to the power of blog, the whole world is now reading about it.

That's the good news.

The bad news is that Dynes, working from a solid experience base which dictates inaction in the face of difficult decisions, will do ABSOLUTLY NOTHING!

One caller on Monday asked the key question of the day -- "What will UC do to
defend Los Alamos?" You heard how Dynes answered that vital question. He
said (to an incredulous audience) that they WERE defending us!

Dynes' has a nice smile, and can whisper sweet words into our ears, but that
answer was a lie, and most people know it. UC and their management team have
done virtually nothing to defend Los Alamos from crippling attacks from DOE,
Congress, and the media. This poster has it right. In the face of difficult
decisions, Dynes does nothing. You've had ample proof of that over the last
year. For Dynes, winning the new LANL contract may be nothing more than
a status symbol. He doesn't want to be known as the failed leader who
"lost the Lab" after a historic 60 year run. While both Kuckuck and Dynes
seem more than willing to sympathize with us over the crush of inane
DOE policies, they appear to be fellows who will never "push back" on these
same crippling policies. It's as if you came across someone on the street,
bleeding profusely, and said "I feel your pain", but then did nothing to stop
the bleeding. What good is that? At least Foley was upfront about how he
feels about Los Alamos (he hates us). We need more than Dynes' sweet words.
We need someone who will stand up for Los Alamos and stop the bleeding.
We are currently headed into bureaucratic-induced paralysis.
I thought Dynes was a tragic figure. I believe he wants to do the right thing with respect to addressing the cases of scapegoating and abuse that occurred in this laboratory. I think that is what he feels in his heart. However, the tragedy is that he has allowed himself to be bullied by his subordinate, Bob Foley. Possibly, Dynes needs to take charge and move out of his self-imposed crypt of silence. He can fire Foley and sign the notice, President Anonymous.
Dynes works for the UC Board of Regents which is far from inactive in this whole exercise though they work through surrogates. It may be that Dynes can't fire Admiral Foley. Dynes may have been hired to put a pleasant professorial look on the UC Presidency while the Regents pull the strings. Look at who has run the UC board for some time now and who has taken stong action -- Gerald Parsky, former Undersecrtary of the Treasury to GW Bush I. I suspect he and a few like minded regents are pulling the strings.
Well, the "high" I was enjoying following Nanos' departure took a nose dive on Monday. My God...Admiral Foley is Admiral Nanos all over again. Dynes is a wimp. Nothing changes. I am getting out of here.
UC has better sense than to put Bob Foley out "front and center" in terms of bidding the contract.
Interesting note--new organization charts are out and Kuckuck is now Director but GPN is still listed as part of DIR office.
I smell the stench of Foley's involvement in continuing to protect his fellow Admiral and soul-mate.
UC had better figure out that they need to cleanse the senior positions of Nanos believers.
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