Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Acting Associate Deputy Director

From Anonymous:

This just came out, I thought you would all like to see it.


From: "John D. Immele"
Subject: Acting Associate Deputy Director

TO: Leaders
FROM: Deputy Director / National Security
DATE: May 3, 2005

Effective May 9, 2005 and with the concurrence of the Director and
UC Office of the President, I am appointing Micheline Devaurs as
Acting Associate Deputy Director, National Security Planning and

In this new job, her major duties will be to lead development of a
unified, long-range strategy for the institution and to work with
the Deputy Director for National Security in coordinating work of
the Nuclear Weapons, Threat Reduction and Homeland Security Councils
to assure high-level issues requiring strategic planning are
addressed. She will integrate program, science, business and
infrastructure components into an institutional strategic plan. Her
job will also involve linking strategic planning and program
development initiatives, and recommending changes in program
development strategy. As backup for DDNS, Micheline will help lead
efforts to take advantage of the workforce review process to ensure
that recruitment and retention link closely with Laboratory and
division strategies. Combined, these duties are of major importance
to the Laboratory's future success.

Micheline's talents are uniquely suited to this new position. In
leading the Strategic Research directorate on an acting basis and
prior to that as leader of the Decision Applications Division, she
has demonstrated great strength as a planner and developer of
strategies. Please offer Micheline your congratulations and offer
her your help in this new role.

John D. Immele
Deputy Director / National Security
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Ah, yes. Micheline. Nice move, John.
This is scandalous! Is Immele really this unaware of things?
I hope Micheline has the help of Cyndy Renner then we can watch "dumb and dumber", let the process of strategic planning and workforce reviews spiral out of control.
Renner has a reputation of corporate "best practices", but never spent time in an organization recognized as having any best practices. Often times, I wonder if Cyndy can make a coherent sentence?
I view this as wonderful news! Of course, I work in ADSR, so our "lose" is the Lab's "gain". Can you imagine what would happen when John Immele retires in a few months??? Micheline could be acting Deputy Director for National Security!!!! Wow, talk about being promoted to new heights -- that is even more hilarious that her being ADSR.

I do want all you to realize that many in the Lab are very, very happy with this. In fact, 1999 of the 2000 ADSR employees are going to party. Given that institutional planning is going no where with the present administration, this is a holding pen for Mich. By the way, I hear she makes 215 k for this job.
I hope she:

1. Roots out all espionage.

2. Assesses and punishes insubordination to the overall chain of command.

3. Increases productivity of security operations.

4. Cracks down on individuals from proliferator nations (PRC, Russia, Pakistan) and partners with the FBI and CIA in order to combat proliferation of IP stolen from LANL.

5. Does thorough background checks on all individuals demonstrating risk behaviors.
Way to to, Immele.
Is "Cyndy" _really_ spelled with two y's?
Can someone tell me what an "Acting Associate Deputy Director" do?
Repeating "SIR, yes SIR!" on cue.

She's very qualified. Most any DL or above is by now.

I think it's called natural selection.

FWPP #1377-Sigma-Laramie
"Effective May 9, 2005 and with the concurrence of the Director and
UC Office of the President, I am appointing Micheline Devaurs as
Acting Associate Deputy Director, National Security Planning and

Hmmm? If UC really approved this then UC is beyond stupid. They are unable to see incompetence and lack of any ANY technical credibility.

"coordinating work of
the Nuclear Weapons, Threat Reduction and Homeland Security Councils to assure high-level issues requiring strategic planning are addressed."

I thought that this was the function of PADNWP? ... Watch out Fred...
Does she know enough about any of those technical programs to qualify her for integrating science and program? Oh well I suppose she will be no worse than John, he didn't do this either.
Upper management has gone way beyond stupid.
Again, I say "Good Grief"!!!
It just keeps getting better.

Thanks John, you have not let the cynical down. They knew someone would make up something for her. Good to see the upper-management be so predictable. You have now passed Cobb as being the biggest idiot at that level. What qualifications are you speaking of exactly that she possesses that "are uniquely suited to this new position...she has demonstrated great strength as a planner and developer of
strategies." Who did you beat into writing this garbage?

Please accept my congratulations Micheline. That Masters in Watershed Science from Utah State has served you well. Don't forget to visit your friends in ADSR so you can "...integrate program, science, business and
infrastructure components into an institutional strategic plan." They are standing by waiting to assist you.

I think between Micheline D. and Lisa G., some landmark work on performance strategy will be forthcoming.

I simply no longer respect any LANL upper management or UCOP at all as they have apparently concurred. I am ashamed to work for a place that that has such an obviously incompetent upper management, President, and Board of Regents. End of story.

Appointment of people like Micheline to positions like this reveal what a joke this place has become.

I can imagine some of the others at that level just gagging. I hope they are anyway. If they aren't, then LANL is totally screwed.
Do you people like anyone? Except for yourselves, I mean?
We prefer to have our upper management levels staffed with well-qualified, talented, high-quality people. Unfortunately, that means we don't like many of the ones we currently have.
Micheline Devaurs as Acting Associate Deputy Director. Wow.

Why would UC bother with such an acting appointment if change is imminent? ...change must not be imminent...UC is not goining to even bid!

No other way to explain the ludicrous appointment of such an obviously unqualified manager with such a disasterious track record, who is so widely dispised and ridiculed across the laboratory. I've heard staff from D to C, from ESA to X, from MST to PADNWP all wonder why and how this embassassment keeps resurfacing.

What a slap in the face to the technical staff at this laboratory at THIS time.

MUST MUST MUST be removed from management to regain credibility:


10:14 Don't confuse liking someone with whether or not they are qualified to do the job.

There are plenty of people I like and would do anything for, but that doesn't mean I'd let them manage say, my finances. On the other hand there are people I can't stand, but I give what they say the utmost respect.
You all are clearly being harsh here. I think Micheline should be the next Lab Director. Hell, at this point, what's LANL got to lose?
I try to defend the lab every time I
can. We have good people here. The
nation needs us and I feel really good about the job I do for what I think helps other people through basic science and I firmly believe the US has helped the world and part of this is through the weapons program by keeping the peace and people free.

Now when I see Micheline Devaurs get this position. I am just shocked. Could it be that we are really sinking this low. Is this the sign that LANL really has a corruption problems. I just remember those messeges she would send. They where
completey devoid of content. Additionly I have spoken with her.
She is very nice person and I think she really cares. However, it was clear she did not have any idea of what science was or what the lab mission was. She is a yes person so
Nanos liked her. I am sure there might be something for her but this
is just insanse and I feel truly
shocked and saddend. It is really
a slap in the face to the people at
LANL and the US public. I wonder if
it is some form of punishment from
Nanos. Remeber how we keep saying
how bad things are at LANL. Here is
an example of total corruption. Was
there ever an external search for
someone to fill this position? No,
well that should say it right there.
I simply do not know what to say.
Whoever posted this must just know how to yank my chain. I'm not going to bite this time.

Instead, I'm going to congratulate Micheline and wish her well, whatever it is that she will be doing.
Hey UCOP, Kuckuck, & Mara -
Here is your chance to show some intelligence, integrity, and management/leadership. My suggestion is that you very carefully assess this appointment: determine the need for this position; look at qualifications of Micheline and others for this position (there are certainly others more qualified & knowledgable); and then rethink your decision (both need for position and the individual).

This smells as if John is trying to build an empire or at the very least to make it appear as if his position is VERY important and critical to the future success of the Lab. Neither of which pass the ho-ho test.
Am I the only one who notices how
absurd the titles are for upper
management at LANL? "Acting Asociate
Deputy Director". What the hell
does that mean? The title uses all
the adjectives except "Principal"
and "Vice".
Why not make it "Principle Acting Associate Vice-Deputy Director"?
9:54, you're getting upset about things over which you have no control. I assume this level position is far above yours and I suggest you let it go and concentrate on things that you have control over. I realize that probably isn't much at work. I also suggest you remember it's just a job, as I have recommended on this blog many times before. LANL will become what it becomes whether you and others worry about it or not.
Let's face it. John Immele could leave tomorrow and it would be next year before we'd know he's gone. I started to say that we would know he's gone when the security statistics show a marked improvement but then I remembered that his security indiscretions, like the rest of the SET, are given special vanishing-cream treatment in S-Division. In that case, me might never know he's gone. What is an "Acting Associate Deputy Vacuum" anyway?
To 5/4/05 6:32:
What security indiscretions for John?
Nanos has more security violations than Immele. Notice I said violations, as in willful misconduct, fostered by his belief that the rules don't apply to him. More vanishing cream please.
Well, as it turned out, Hooke got beat up for almost running someone over in the parking lot of a strip joint.

"The man" did not harass him!

All you radicals are a joke!
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