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From Anonymous:

The removal of the 9/80 work schedule seems to me, to be a breech of contract for the employees that hired on at LANL during the past 5 years. This schedule was offered as part of their benefits package. Many people accepted employment under those terms. The LANL administrative manual (AM326) states that "In rare cases where an organization cannot otherwise provide required services during normal business hours, or when required for programmatic, safety, or security reasons, a manager may request an exemption to in order to assign an employee to either the 9/80 or 5/40 schedule". If the "rare case" was to address resumption issues, and since the lab is back up and running, shouldn't the 9/80 be reinstated? I wonder what a judge would say?

Nice try, but an employer that is not bound by a collective bargaining agreement can change most benefits autonomously. And, the 9/80 work schedule is really not a "benefit" in the same sense of the retirement program.
A judge would say that a business can set the 40 hour pattern any way that makes sense. To use your arguement, the 9/80 could not have been offered in the first place, as it was a change of employement contract...
I have been working full time for 30 years since college.
25 years with LASL, and LANL.
We do special jobs here. The people I work with do call outs at all hours, which can be at 3:00 AM, work weekends and holidays and come into to work on snowdays; we worked during the great firestorm that changed Los Alamos.

I am not a scientist. The scientist here, provide us with good jobs, we support them, and the programs.which are important to the institution, and the country. I thank them sincerely.

The 9/80 scheduled provided us time, time not to spend all the time at work. Something most of us have never experienced or felt, until the 9/80's, but we really learned to appreciated it,
and we made it work! Even the Fridays which half of us worked or were off worked, were productive. Our group was functional.
Until the privilege was taken away, rarely did people call in sick.
I for one used to do a 9/90 for the 9 days, but was paid for a 9/80.
Now I do a 10/90, but paid for a 8/80. I am not a TSM. Nor to I get overtime.
My home life now suffers. I am so burned out by Friday; I can barely get my chores done as a homeowner and parent on the weekends. (I'm in my mid 50's, yes young, but getting tired) At least with the 9/80's (9/90's) I had every other weekend to rest my body and mind for a day (unless called in) after tackling jobs, checking that all the i's and t's were signed and dotted, starting projects, finishing projects, doing the work.
Every homeowner or parent knows this. Students too.
Thank God my kids are almost through with college.
I have heard that there are people out there asking to work part time, 5/40's, with a 5/32, which means every other Friday off with out pay. Their reason is just to take care of business. Business which employees need to get done but can not be done on weekends. And to get some rest. This is especially true of the people who comminute from out of town.

What do you think? Trying to learn the 5/40's.
And wanting to seriously get back to work. you guys ever do any work or do you just whine about everything? all better start looking at what Sandia's schedule is because if DOE is smart they'll flush most of you whiners out the door and move the hardware to SNL.
5/24/2005 10:33:09 PM Amen
DOE, and NSSA are allowed to work the 9/80 scheldue at Los Alamos. So what are you talking about?
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