Sunday, April 17, 2005

Wing Nut

Folks, we seem to have an ultra religious wing nut who has recently discovered how to submit comments to this blog. Sorry for the annoyance, I'll keep it as cleaned up as I can. BTW, he doesn't seem to sleep very well, as he is up proselytizing way before I awake in the morning. In case I happen to miss one of his missives, though, feel free to point it out to me so that I can delete it.



Uh, don't those posts seem more like jokes than serious evangelism?

Maybe it's just me, but I vote for leaving them in - they make me chuckle whenever I see them.
It's kind of hard to tell. I myself find them amusing, in a sad sort of way. If people want to leave them in, it's fine with me.

Don't waste your time on them.
Don't waste your time removing them. Attention is what these folks want. They are probably happy that you delete them after you read them.
Woe unto he who would delete the glory of the Lord! Let him who has an ear hear the calling, for the time is short! The day of judgment is soon. Repent your sins, sinners! Find comfort in the arms of the Lord. Science will not save you, but the Lord can if you are willing to be saved. This is the good news!
Burma Shave.

I confess to have missed the subtle humor in the first batch. This current batch is better (or, I'm more atuned).


For God so loved the world that he damned us all to everlasting Hell.

The Christian God is a narcissistic sociopath, needing the adulation of ants, and a well-known sex offender. A lot like Bill Clinton.
Yes! Welcome back, Wingnut!
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