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TR "Morale and Performance Strategy" Focus of New Special Assistant Role

From Anonymous:

I think Doug Beason is swimming against the tide, but I give him credit for at least trying to do something positive for the people who work for him.

TR "Morale and Performance Strategy" Focus of New Special Assistant Role

Associate Director for Threat Reduction Douglas Beason announced a new position in the ADTR office today, a one-year appointment as special assistant for morale and performance strategy. His choice, Lisa Gutierrez, previously the Laboratory's Diversity Office Director, began her new role Monday, April 18.

The purpose of the new position, as initially described in a Beason Update distributed April 11, is to initiate, grow and cultivate attention on the people of Threat Reduction, without whom essential science cannot evolve. Gutierrez will focus on working with subject matter experts from both technical and support sides to select, evaluate and apply intervention strategies in support of the TR vision and the balance between people, science and programs.

She will study organizational goals and strategies to clarify organizations' development results; identify training, mentoring, morale and development needs with the aid of each TR organization; and evaluate leadership and management effectiveness, in addition to other tasks.

Said Beason, "I have committed to finding new ways to work with TR's people, to be sure they are fully engaged in their own success, and I am counting on Lisa to help make that happen. Working with each division's management and staff, I look for her to make strides in improving morale, mentoring, helping the division leaders, and shifting our culture to one that enables great results instead of simply directing or demanding them."

Since joining Los Alamos 1999, as Diversity Office Director, Gutierrez has been responsible for leadership and oversight of all diversity functions and strategies, which include communication, education & awareness and internal consulting in the areas of diversity, quality of work life, ethics and creating an inclusive and synergistic environment to enable performance excellence.

From 1997-99, Gutierrez worked at Deloitte Consulting, inaugurating two positions as the Central Region Learning Director and Diversity Programs Director for the Americas. After earning her B.S. in Marketing and Organizational Management from CU-Boulder in 1983, Gutierrez worked at Procter & Gamble for over 13 years and in 10 different assignments while also serving as a mentor and an unofficial diversity ambassador for the Fortune 100 company.

Said Gutierrez. "At LANL, we need to strive to leverage the diverse talents and ideas of all individuals AND at the same time continue to ensure that the Lab is meeting its national security mission. The two are not mutually exclusive; rather, they should support one another."

Do something "positive" for his people? You are obviously not familiar with Ms. Gutierrez. This is no less than punishment. Way to go, Doug!
Yet another death rattle...
Can someone please explain to me:

a) exactly what this means,

"Gutierrez will focus on working with subject matter experts from both technical and support sides to select, evaluate and apply intervention strategies in support of the TR vision and the balance between people, science and programs."


b) More specifically, what are "intervention strategies"?

6:51, I don't know, but my bullsh*t detector went off while I was reading it.
Do I even dare guess the salary of this new "Special Assistant"?
Doesn't matter: it comes out of overhead.

Bada Bing.
Sounds like a formalization of a mechanism to select and plant from the glut of support side employees to replace that tidal wave of exiting technical staff.
Not original but appropriate...."The floggings will continue until morale improves".
My first and only reaction..."Good Grief!".
As much as I value everything that UC has to offer - academic freedom, prestige, sabbaticals, and of course the pension package - I have to admit this makes me wonder whether an industrial contractor (i.e. LockMart) would put up with this BS. After all, she was presumably "unofficial diversity ambassador" at P&G because a Fortune 100 company wouldn't create such a full-time position (much less an entire "Diversity Office")?
We're working in a "Dilbert" cartoon!
This is soooo Los Alamos. The wrong person hired to do the wrong task, at an enormous salary. Lisa makes $163,500, as an Office Director; and her specialty is Diversity, not Staff Resources. This is like hiring a senior chemist to do the job of a junior physicist.
If this is one of Beason's good ideas, I'd hate to see his bad ones. I can't imagine that this will do anything positive, but it will waste a lot of time and money, because Lisa will surely use up a lot of staff time.
The problem at TR, and LANL proper, is lack of leadership, lack of accountability, and a lack of trust and openness in dealing with the staff. Lisa can't address these problems; but her presence may provide a one year excuse for TR management's failure to deal with the real problems.
Hopefully by then LANL will be under new management, and this dumb idea can be put to rest.
The whole thing reads like a product of the automated academic paper generator written by the MIT people.

Full of big, important sounding words strung together to form absolute b.s.

F*ck me.
More stuffing for the turkey.
It didn't take Beason long to step in it. As a previous poster notes, $163,500?

F*ck me.

How's that for morale?
I feel more diverse, don't you?
I'm guessing this announcement is not being well-received?
What makes you say that?
This is just sick, sick, sick. Is the
plan to detroy the morale? Now there
has been talk of wasting tax payers money, well here it is. Special Assistant? What is with Beason?
She's giving the previous D-Division DL and Acting Deputy ADSR, Micheline Devaurs, a run for the money on who can generate the more meaningless statements. And Micheline is no slouch when it comes to generating meaningless drivel.

"...creating an inclusive and synergistic environment to enable performance excellence."

Please feel free to exclude me from said environment - I promise I won't feel left out. Even if doing so limits me to only a very good performance. Really.

"At LANL, we need to strive to leverage the diverse talents and ideas of all individuals AND at the same time continue to ensure that the Lab is meeting its national security mission. The two are not mutually exclusive; rather, they should support one another."

Other than its apparent presumptuous tone, I can't even begin to figure out what this statement means...

Where do they get this junk? Is there a special course to learn this?
I think we need to ask Wingnut to produce an appropriate homily regarding the drivel qouted of Micheline and Lisa in 4/19/2005 09:46:41's comment.
Put her to work installing silos on a firing site; there she can learn about leverage and keeping her fingers.
I don't know 8:35, it might improve mine ;)
This needs to go directly to the wasteful practices at LANL thread -
we are high on the overhead accounts already...
This serves to point out the problem with, and abuse of the "Special Assistant" positions. It seems you can do whatever you want with it, and pay the Assistant whatever you want. Even if Beason needs some HR help, as he seems to think, there is NO WAY that you have to pay someone $165,000 for that skill set; and with a B.S. from C.U. This job should be competed, if it can be justified.
Another "Special Assistant", to the ADA, whose job needs to be competed is good old "Mick" Trujillo currently dragging down $141,600 and I bet he doesn't even have a job description.
LANL has become incredibly corrupt, and the "Special Assistants" are just one symptom, but a good place to start on cleaning the place up a bit.
"good old "Mick" Trujillo"; not a chance! He's riding the OEO/AA gravy train. He has an "iron rice bowl" as the Chinese say.
I thought I saw it all with Chief of Staff and Office Manager positions and now we have another flavor of the week title of "Special Assistant". Lisa Gutierrez spent 13 years at P&G in 10 different assignments. Please spare me. Thats supposed to be a plus? Give me a break. You want to give Beason credit for doing something positive? Its business as usual, the losers keep supporting the losers.
I'm thinking a mega-kegger in Urban Park when the Director leaves might improve morale.

I want to know if my selecting, evaluating and applying that kind of intervention strategy in support of the LANL vision and the balance between people, science and programs will qualify me to be a Special Assistant?

If so, I'm willing to forget the PhD skills and take the raise.
Now does everyone understand why anyone with brains should avoid technical professions like the plague? No mystery why smart students EW refusing to become PhD brain-slaves. 10 years of school at the poverty level, all for the honor of working under B.S./BS people and mail order MBAs, who not only will make more money than you for less contribution, they will make sure you are laid off and your benefits cut when they screw up.
Do not drink wine into debauchery. Draw comfort from the glory of the Lord! Repent your sins, sinners! The time of judgment is near! Do not fear the appointment of false prophets and counterfeit cardinals. Trust in the Lord and you will navigate through tribulation!
This is prima facie evidence that Beason is unfit for the job!
Good job Doug. When I saw her credentials, read the job description, and saw her salary, I laughed so hard I cried.It is a joke isn't it?
Rich "I like women" Marquez must be gloating as he has been trying to iunload Lisa for quite some time. Let's not forget that Lisa had her first diversity all hands on Hitler's birthday!

Another brain-dead decison.

Lisa Simpson would be better than Lisa G.
Rich Marquez isn't gloating because he unloaded her, she is one of his favorites and he placed her in the job. Also ask the guards what they think of Lisa and her hand gestures. We all got a security smart for that one. She has no respect for anyone but her fellow followers. Some diversity.
I suppose this 'promotion' is in recognition of her recent suspension of the Women's Diversity Working Group for Women's History Month?

Look for her to 'improve' morale by blocking any form of employee input that might indicate anything other than the rosy picture management would like to believe.

And by the way, her credentials for being head of DVO were equally suspect - she has no idea what the word "diversity" means (or "morale" either).
Oh, brother!!!....yet another risen again, to a position of their own incompetence.....
Based on the overwhelmingly positive response this idea has had here, I have no doubt other ADs will quickly follow suit and create similar positions.
6:32, your threshold is too high, I see no indication in the announcement that Ms. Gutierrez has any degree beyond a BS - mail order or otherwise.
I don't know 6:34, that "drinking wine into debauchery" is sounding more and more like a plausible morale booster to me.
Lisa's B.S. from CU may be "bs". I thought business majors got B.A.'s, thus her status as an SSM.
I am with [ 4/20/2005 07:31:01 AM ] ...
I laughed so hard I cried too! So that is how they improve morale around here, right? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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